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Amazonia Acai

Amazonia Acai (Purpleberry) is Certified Organic Acai and  Fair Trade direct from the Amazon Rainforest.   The Purest and most potent Acai available.

ACAI BERRY PRODUCTS Acai palms grow along the banks of the Amazon River, drawing rich nutrients from the soil to create their amazing Purple Berries (Acai).

It’s from these wild growing, untouched Acai palms that Acai Berries are hand picked, delivering the natural essence of the Acai Berry into our range of organic AMAZONIA ACAI products. 

All Amazonia products come with our "purest and most potent" GUARANTEE.  


Supporting Amazon communities and help rainforest regeneration with Acai Palms.   Acai Berry Palms are fast growing native plants that reclaim damaged land and provide food & employment for Amazon Communities.  Be a part of our ALL ROUND POSITIVITY movement.
Acai Berries with Sustainable Harvesting
AMAZONIA DONATES 5% of any annual profit directly to the communities that help gather or berries, and environmental initiatives within the company. 

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