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Purpleberry contains one of the richest sources of ANTHOCYANINS ever discovered! Anthocyanins is the compound usually referred to in red wine (it is what makes red wine red, also found in many other foods like purple cabbage, eggplants and blueberries). Amazonia's Purpleberry contains 101 times more anthocyanins level when compared to red grapes (Based on ORAC testing by the Australian Measurement Institute) and if you look at our AMAZONIA Purpleberry you’ll see that its main characteristic is the berry’s very rich dark purple colouring (caused by a high concentration of anthocyanins!).

Blood before taking ACAI BERRIES

Blood before taking ACAI BERRIES (showing Erythrocytes aggregation)

These red blood cells are sticking to one another and forming clumps, due to being coated in sticky proteins. This is a sign that there may be inflammation happening in the body. This inflammation could be associated with infection, allergy, toxicity, poor digestion or unhealthy dietary choices.

Blood 30min after taking ACAI berries

Blood 30min after taking ACAI berries (healthy blood, red blood cells are separated)

We can then conclude;  Your blood feeds every part of the body's organs, tissue, cells, muscles, and most importantly the BRAIN.  So imagine the all round effects of healthy blood.

Laboratory research show that anthocyanins can display a variety of health benefits including;

  • Reduces oxidation of LDL cholesterol, reduces blood stickiness (platelet aggregation), dilated blood vessels and improve overall heart function.
  • Protect against cancer by inhibiting inflammation, cancerous changes in cells and tumour growths.
  • Reduce premature brain aging and enhance memory.
  • Helps prevent macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in people of the age of 65.”

 (The Perricone Promise, Dr Nicholas Perricone MD.)

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