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VigRX Plus

vigrx plus


 Made in USA
 Promotes performance control
 Increased Desire
 Dosage 2 Capsule per Day

WHAT IS VigRX Plus ? In a nutshell  – VigRX Plus™ includes ten effective ingredients that are safe for natural erection, it increases the blood distribution to your genitals making it fuller when it erects. Aphrodisiacs together with libido boosters rapidly develop in body to noticeably enhance sexual performance and stamina. Men who use the drug have seen significant improvement in their ejaculation, and of course, having a healthy ejaculation increases the odds of a women for conceiving. Moreover, men lose their potency and dips in energy level as they age, while women are at their peak of sexual activities in their 40s. In another words, those who use this natural supplement tends to keep his women sexually interested in him.  

This is not like other Chemical Drugs for example Viagra that only provide a temporary solutions, VigRX Plus provide an effective long term solution with benefits that will last you for the lifetime. In general , the men who use it are orgasm more powerfully and for a long duration, erection of the penis are fuller than normal allowing them to stay hard throughout the sexual activity. Consistent use have resulted in some with increased penis size by an inch of so permanently.  

100% Natural Formulation



Korean Red Ginseng

200 mg

Saw Palmetto

200 mg


200 mg

Ginkgo Biloba

200 mg


200 mg


150 mg

Catuba 4:1 Extract

100 mg

Muira Puama 4:1 Extract

100 mg

Cuscuta 4:1 Extract

50 mg

Emedium 4:1 Extract

30 mg


10 mg

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