What is QD Pay?

Circulation Generates Value, Sharing Creates Wealth

Qd Pay is a public online payment gateway, which similar to Alipay and WeChat Pay. The difference of Qd Pay, is developed based on Blockchain technology. At the same time, Qd Pay contains currency wallets from difference countries, peer-to-peer transactions can be done globally.

There are six properties shown the humanisation and liberalisation of QD Pay:

QD Pay is everyone’s platform where Circulation Generates Value, Sharing Creates Wealth.

User of QDPay can be a Consumer, Merchant, and/or an Investor.

As a consumer: Enjoy 80% rebate in every spending using QDPay.

As merchant/shop: Enjoy 1.64 times in earnings thru QDPay platform.

As an investor: Enjoy 5 times the returns. Re-investing generate more returns. For a limited period only.

How to sign up?

Step 1: Scan the QR code to register with QDPay, using Wechat (if you have), or, use a QR code scanner/reader from Google Playstore or Apple's

QD Pay QR Code

Step 2: Filling up the QDPay registration form:

    1. Enter your desired nickname.
    2. Change the country code accordingly.
    3. Enter the mobile phone number which will also be the login ID.
    4. Enter your desired password twice.
    5. Click on “Get Verification Code”.
    6. Check your SMS for the code.
    7. Enter the verification code shown on your SMS.
    8. Click on “Confirm Register” button when done.

Step 3: Download the App and Install:

QDPay uses mobile app to operate. You need your smartphone to download and install the free app with all the features. During the installation, you may be prompted to enable or allow “unknown sources” or “unsecure” app. You can easily uninstall the app anytime.

QD Pay Download Link

Step 4: Select & Install

Step 5: Log in the 1st time

Note :

For further discussion, please SMS/Whatsapp 90097395 (for Singapore only) or send your email to edwinlowkh@gmail.com