Taiwan Chenfarm's Mulberry Gallery

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Welcome to Nutrimax Wellness photo gallery site.
Last week (1st week of May 2008), Edwin Low, our editor had a chat with Mr Foo of Unitednature. Mr Foo just came back from Taiwan and brought together with him were the splendid photos of Mulberry in full blossom.

Mr Foo told Edwin, April is the best month to view the organic mulberry. Edwin was quick to grasp the opportunity to ask for the photos.

Thanks to Mr Foo, the photographer and Mr Chen, the owner of the Chenfarm and you the viewer. Enjoy!
These are the same organic mulberries that go into the juice and vinegar.
chenfarm001019.jpg chenfarm001017.jpg chenfarm001015.jpg chenfarm001014.jpg chenfarm001013.jpg chenfarm001011.jpg chenfarm001009.jpg chenfarm001007.jpg chenfarm001005.jpg chenfarm001003.jpg chenfarm001001.jpg