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Q. Is GoChi only made with goji berries from the Himalayas?
A. Although they grow in the wild, goji berries are not cultivated in the Himalayas in sufficient quantity for large-scale distribution. The berries used in GoChi are selected from the world's best-known growing regions throughout Asia. We use only those berries that conform to our precise Spectral Signature balance and potency of the all-important Lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBP).

Q. Will FreeLife? have difficulty sourcing goji berries?
A. We have contracted for adequate supplies of premium berries to accommodate our growth, and we are constantly expanding our grower certification program to ensure that we will never run out of berries that meet our strict Spectral Signature? standards.

Q. What makes GoChi unique or special?
A. Goji is the only plant that contains unique bioactive Lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBP) - the Master Molecules that are so important to your body's defense systems. But these important nutrients can vary in quality and potency, depending on where they are grown and the growing conditions for a particular region in a particular year. FreeLife is the only company to develop a Spectral Signature LBP Process? to standardize our juices, ensuring that you always receive the same high potency and balance of LBP, every time. And unlike other juices, there is never any added sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, or flavors in GoChi. Preservative-free GoChi is also the world¡¯s first clinically studied goji juice product.

Q. How much GoChi should someone drink on a daily basis?
A. FreeLife recommends 2 ounces daily. An ounce of Himalayan Goji Juice is about two tablespoons. There are no known side effects from drinking more than that (other than smiling too much!). Recent research is showing 4 ounces per day provides even greater health benefits.

Q. When can I expect to see results with GoChi?
A. Everyone will receive benefits within different time periods depending upon their body's nutritional needs.

Q. How does FreeLife ensure the quality of GoChi?
A. Our Spectral Signature is your assurance of potency, purity, and authenticity in every bottle.

Q. How is GoChi different from other juices?
A. There is never any added sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors or flavors in Himalayan Goji Juice, and goji is the only plant that has unique polysaccharides - the Master Molecules that are so important to your body's defense systems.

Q. Is GoChi organic?
A. Although Himalayan Goji Juice is not certified organic, it is produced to the highest standards of ecological and environmental responsibility. We are working toward a cooperative program of organic certification for our indigenous Asian growers. Himalayan Goji Juice is certified to be free of detectable pesticide and herbicide residues. Also, Himalayan Goji Juice contains no added sugar, artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors.

Q. Why does FreeLife not emphasize the vitamins and 18 amino acids that are in goji?
A. GoChi is a high-tech functional food, specifically designed to deliver a consistently high potency and exact balance of the goji berry¡¯s highly bioactiveLycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBP). These are the Master Molecules that have been scientifically demonstrated to be responsible for much of the berry¡¯s benefits. Whereas many goji nutrients can be found in other foods, the LBP are unique to the goji berry. And now, thanks to advances in manufacturing technology, our new GoChi delivers at least 30% more of the all-important LBP than our original juice.

Q. Does GoChi contain preservatives?
A. Thanks to advances in manufacturing technology, our new GoChi is preservative free.

Q. Why are other fruit juices added to GoChi?
A. Our proprietary recipe incorporates a small amount of other fruit juices to ensure uniformity, and to help bring out the best flavor from the goji berry.

Q. How soon should GoChi be consumed after being opened?
A. It is recommended that you consume GoChi products within 30 days after opening. GoChi should not be left un-refrigerated for any more than a couple of hours ¨C the same steps should be taken for any food or beverage that must be refrigerated after opening.

Q. Can children drink GoChi?
A. Yes. GoChi is a great-tasting, healthy treat for the entire family!

Q. I read that you have a quality assurance guarantee. What does this mean?
A. We believe every product you receive from FreeLife has to be the absolute best quality available and exactly what you expect. If you are not completely satisfied with the condition or quality, we offer a 90-day, money-back guarantee. Just return the unused portion to FreeLife for a full refund.

Q. Can I obtain sample packages of GoChi?
A. We have received many requests for this type of packaging, while it is an excellent suggestion, a sample would only allow someone to sample the great taste, but would lack the tremendous benefits from taking the product over a period of time. That is why we offer a 90 day money back guarantee for anyone who tries our product. And since our rate of return is incredibly low, we have discovered this process is a great way to have people sample, experience, and stay on the life changing product.

Q. Can I purchase smaller bottles or travel sizes of GoChi?
A. We currently do not offer this; however, our Marketing Team is researching this option.

Q. Has an ORAC test ever been conducted on GoChi?
A. ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is a non-official, non-governmental, private for-pay service that puts a product through a simple test that results in a number that represents what they call "total antioxidant power." There are many different classes of antioxidants, however, they each work differently. To a scientist, the ORAC number means little because it does not give specific information about what kinds of antioxidants are present. Because the test is so limited in what it measures, we have never done an ORAC test on Himalayan Goji Juice.

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