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Palitalia Redoro

The values that make the company distinguishing remains the same over the centuries: Quality, Genuineness, and Love in each small gesture, from the cultivation of olives, to the collection by hand, until the processing into extra virgin olive oil or into delicious products such as the pate or specialties in oil.

Found in 1895 by founders: RE_gina and isi_DORO, from which the name REDORO comes from. The family company is still linked to tradition, but dynamically adapts to the developments of the market.

The passion and secrets to create REDORO extra-virgin olive oil, 100% Italian, have been passed on from father to son for over 100 years, bringing to the switch during the 90s, from local production firm to national and international firm, that brings taste and the quality of REDORO experience in every kitchen and on every table.