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A Silent Epidemic Is Unfolding...

Edwin Low, Singapore
Edwin Low
Writer, Wellness Advocate, Nutritional Consultant and
Yoga Teacher

A Silent Epidemic Is Unfolding...  

Edwin Low
Writer, Wellness Advocate and Yoga Teacher

It is my conviction that all mankind must quickly realise a clear understanding of the true nature of health and to undertake a personal initiative to lead a healthy lifestyle. I also believe that improved awareness of healthy living is the only way to safeguard us and our next generation.

But first, a personal note. My father died of Lung Cancer about 20 years ago. He suffered a lot and so did my mother. When we realised he had the cancer, the whole family was mobilised. We all wanted to help but did not know what to do.

Not surprisingly, we tried all kinds of methods, remedies, potions, Chinese medicine, massage etc everything and anything we could afford. Sadly, we failed to save his life.

The doctors who operated on my father, told us at first that the cancer was in its initial stage. After they opened his lungs from the back, it was revealed that the cancer was in an advanced stage. No surgical removal was made, our brave and beloved father was simply stitched up again.

It seems the whole diagnostic process involves, in many ways, a certain level of unavoidable guesswork.

The only thing we do know was that surgery further weakened father's already embattled body. Perhaps not surprising, he died earlier than expected but this in itself is also a subjective matter.

A few months later, my father-in-law lapsed into coma after a recent second attempt was made to pinpoint the culprit of blood in his urine. Prior to this he'd had one of his kidneys removed because his doctors told him it cancerous. He was in late 70s and practiced Taiji everyday. He was very strong for his age.

Unfortunately, when the bloody urine problem reoccurred, he was admitted to hospital. He never walked out alive and we're not convinced he died of cancer. To be frank, I think he died of stroke after spending several days lying on a hospital bed.

My two sisters have growths in their wombs. One of them (the elder) had her womb removed. The other sister is frequently in and out of hospital.

Looking back, at first I thought that family members might be "unlucky", the typical mainstream fatalistic view you might say. But, after researching some statistics, I now "know" the truth:

One in two deaths in Singapore is related to either heart diseases or cancer, we're Asian number one in obesity and heart problems, and Singapore has the second highest number of diabetics in the world in relation to population size.

It can therefore be safely assumed that, to some extent, we are not simply "lucky" or "unlucky". It's more a matter of lifestyle, eating habits, various environmental factors and personal choice which contribute to these unhealthy and unavoidable statistics. If this trend is left unchecked, the problem of degenerative disease will develop into a epidemic proportion!

In the final analysis, good health begins and ends with the personal choice of each and every individual. If one is sick, we see doctor and take the prescribed medicines. However, if one is to stay healthy and able, the first step to optimum health begins with a sensible diet and lifestyle.

While medicines play and will continue to play a vital role in modern living they can only help so much, mainly by killing viruses and suppressing symptoms.

To heal and to stay healthy in a holistic manner, we need to boost our body defenses (particularly our immune system) while ensuring that all vital organs and cells get their proper share of nutrients.

In many ways your very own body is the best first-choice doctor you have. Give it what it wants and needs, and a high level of health will be yours.

The establishment of this web site and its related company is dedicated to informing our families, relatives and friends that sensible, better and modern alternatives for improved well-being are readily available.

I'm extremely fortunate to have a group of like-minded friends to work with and to bring home the message of better health.

Should you want to organise a "gathering" to talk about health, contact us and we will be there at a time convenient to you. It is obligation free, no commitment or transaction of any sort is required.

Let's share the knowledge and the joy of healthy living.

From the bottom of my heart,

19 Dec 2002


27 April 2009
My elder sister became branch manager of Nutrimax Wellness AMK Store two years ago, now her health and skin is much better as she turned vegetarian and eat mostly on brown grains and organic wholefoods. We have lunch frequently, what a amazing transformation!

Year 2021
The Covid pandemic is still rampaging. Based on the observation, I gathered that the Chinese medicine has played an important role in preventing the Mainland to become the major pandemic centre. So, I am getting into the study of The Yellow Emperor's Internal Canon: An Ancient View on Human Health and Body in China (黄帝内经 Huang Di Nei Jing)and also “Treatise On Febrile Caused by Cold” (伤寒论Shang Han Lun) .  I believe, the knowledge and wisdom of the ancient people (they fought and won with many epidemics and plagues that some lasted for an decade) can help us to protect ourselves from the onslaught of various diseases as well as unnecessary treatments as the conventional medicine has become, increasingly, market oriented!