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7-Day Detox Program For Diabetic*

Purifying Liver and Gallbladder to Improve General Well Being

Preparation: for novice, 5 to 7 days before the commencement of this program, please follow the steps below to avoid discomfort during the process. If you are on medication, continue to do so.

  1. Reduce or cut off animal meats, eggs, cow’s milk and dairy products.
  2. Reduce or cut off all types of processed carbohydrates including: white rice, rice noodles, noodles, bread, biscuits, ice cream, chocolate, fresh fries and all fried foods.
  3. Stay away from all carbonated drinks, cut down on caffeinated drinks
  4. Drink 500ml of lemon water (can use warm water). Squeeze one whole lemon into the filtered or spring water with a pinch of water.
  5. Replenish good quality water throughout the day. One sip of water every few minutes. 15 ml per 0.45 kg of body weight, which means 2000ml of water for 60kg body weight.
  6. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits**.

The Detox Program: from 1st day to 7th day


150~200ml of Biotta Vegetable Juice

to be sipped slowly


250ml of Hilde Hemmes’ Spring Klenz tea (SOD Tea)

to be sipped slowly


1 capsule of LivaDetoxer (Milk Thistle extract)

to be taken


120~150ml of Biotta Carrot Juice

to be sipped slowly


120~150ml of Biotta Breuss Juice

to be sipped slowly


250ml of Hilde Hemmes’ Spring Klenz tea (SOD tea)

to be sipped slowly


300ml of Hilde Hemmes’ Vegetable Broth

1 teaspoon of broth with water


120~150ml of Biotta Celeriac Root Juice

to be sipped slowly


120~150ml of Biotta Breuss Formula

to be sipped slowly


1 package of dietary fibre mixed with 300ml of water

Drink slowly


120~150ml of Biotta Breuss Formula

to be sipped slowly


1 capsule of LivaDetoxer

to be taken



please sleep early

Drink one cup of Laxative tea should you have serious constipation problem.

Expected symptoms:
for first-timer, you might experience the urge to eat in the 2nd and 3rd days. You can have a dietary fibre drink to suppress the urge. Some might feel cold or even shivering, as the blood glucose is depleted and the mechanism of energy production starts to switch from carbohydrate-burning to fat-burning. Spirulina (in powder - or tablet-form should come in handy to stabilize the blood sugar level to cushion off the effect. Exercise moderately to produce sweat is recommended. SPA and Sauna can be used to this effect. This is normal to feel slight dizziness, headache, aching here and there, and also fever. Please ensure you have sufficient water intake.

Breaking the fast:
Preferably in the morning around 5 ~ 7am. Drink 500ml of lemon water slowly. Swallow a small banana to clean the digestive tract (esophagus). Then eat some natural yoghurt to replenish the intestinal flora, follow with fruits and vegetable salads. Chew slowly.

Note: for the first day after fast, please refrain from processed and denatured foods. Afterwhich you might want to change your diet to have more whole food and natural foods.

* This program is based on the Biotta organic juices and Hilde Hemmes' Herbal products, you're free to choose other equivalent products to suit your needs, should you can't find the above brands in your area. Please email me, should you have questions.

**Apple, apricot, papaya, star fruit, raspberry, mulberry, carrots, green cabbage, red/purple cabbage, broccolis, bitter gourd, tomato.

Supplementation of Cell Cleanser (Bitter Buckwheat Extract) would improve the effectiveness of this programme.

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