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Fats That Heal, Fats that Kill

Fats That Kill

Healing fats are required, together with other nutrients, to prevent and reverse so-called "incurable" degenerative diseases: heart disease, cancer, and Type II diabetes. Healing fats also help reverse arthritis, obesity, PMS, allergies, asthma, skin conditions, fatigue, yeast and fungal infections, addictions, certain types of mental illness, and many other conditions.

Contrary to popular belief based on deceptive advertising hype, the most dangerous fats are typically found in margarines, shortenings, and heated oils.

Fats That Heal Fats That Kill exposes the manufacturing processes that turn healing fats into killing fats, explains the effects of these damaged fats on human health, and discloses information that enables you to choose health-promoting oils.

Fats That Heal Fats That Kill tells you the whole story on fats and health in a balanced way, examining all aspects of useful oils including the much maligned snake oil. You may be shocked by what you learn.

This extensive subject is poorly understood at the best of times - which, unfortunately contributes to the toll on public health. To convey the truest message to the largest number of people, Udo has written the book with 15-year old readers in mind. But, the book also includes some chemical diagrams for those with science background, insatiable curiosity, or those who simply like to challenge themselves.

"This book should be required reading in every high school health class. Why? For way too long, even those who are health conscious with the best intentions have made critical mistakes in choosing our fats and oils. For example, for years I purchased unrefined oils of "macrobiotic quality", packaged in a clear bottle and used them at high heat...a critical mistake! Read this book and find out why!!

Even worse are those who are consuming fats that are "illness by prescription"--and don't know it. Learn the truth, corroborated with good science, get informed, use the information.

"This book is THE quintessential one on making one of the most vital decisions in your daily cuisine. Erasmus has a gift of taking the complex and making it an easy read. More importantly, one can, after reading this book, use the information to reach for your maximum health potential.

If you have a desire to be as healthy as your genetics will allow, then do not skip this book---it is as critical as anything you do, including check-ups and medical tests.

I feel most fortunate I got my hands on it before I did more damage. I wish it were published at the beginning of the century. Many of the degenerative diseases would have been greatly diminished.

Finally, to his credit, Erasmus does not use the book to promote his propietary oil, Udo's Choice, manufactured by the top of the line Flora Company. Rather, he gives you the information to decide how to purchase the best oils."

-Andrew Chaplowitz, Springfield, NJ

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The Contents
Section One
A Broader Context
* Fatty Degeneration - The Importance of Fats
* Foundations of Human Health

Section Two
Face Fats! Components of Fats, Oils, Cholesterol
* Fatty Acids Overview
* What's in a Name? - Naming Fatty Acids
* Hard Fats and Saturated Fatty Acids (SaFAs)
* The Sugar-Fat Connection
* Liquid Oils and Unsaturated Fatty Acids (UFAs)
* The Healing Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)
* Triglyceride Fats (TGs)
* Phospholipids and Membranes (PLs)
* Lecithin
* Cholesterol
* Essential Nutrients

Section Three
Fat Cats in the Fats Lane, History, Oil Making, Toxic Products, Promotion
* A Brief History of Oil Making: The Business of Fats and Oils
* From Seed to Oil - Commercial Oil Making Methods
* From Oil to Margarine - Hydrogenation
* Margarines, Shortenings, and trans-fatty Acids
* Other Toxic Products
* Erucic Acid: Toxic or Beneficial?
* Light, Free Radicals, and Oils
* Frying and Deep-Frying
* Fractionation and Transesterification
* Advertising and Jargon
* Polyunsaturates and Superunsaturates
* Vitamin E and Polyunsaturates
* "Cold-Pressed": A Meaningless Term
* Making Oils with Human Health in Mind
* Packaging and Storing Oils
* Labeling Oil Products

Section Four
Body Fat
* Fat Consumption and Daily Requirement
* Digestion of Fats, Oils, Cholesterol
* Metabolism of Fats and Oils
* Vitamin and Mineral Co-Factors in Fat
* Cholesterol Metabolism
* Individuality
* Orthomolecular Nutrition
* Stress and the Battery of Life
* Antioxidants and the Fire That is Life
* Why Calorie Counting Fails and What to Do to Lose Weight
* Blood Cholesterol = Plasma Lipoproteins = HDL, LDL & Lp(a)

Section Five
The Fats of Life - Fats in Food Products
* Diet Controversies
* Rating Oils in Diets
* How Fat are Your Foods?
* Cholesterol in Foods
* Meats
* Mother's Milk and Dairy Products
* Poultry
* Eggs
* Oils in Seeds
* Butter Versus Margarine
* Tropical Fats
* Hidden Junk Fats and Fat Substitutes

Section Six
New Research - New Fats, Fat Finding Missions, Breakthroughs, Applications
* Virgin Olive Oils - Unrefined Versus Refined
* Oils from Fish and Seafoods: EPA and DHA
* Snake Oil and Patent Medicines
* Evening Primrose, Borage, and Black Currant Oils: GLA
* Prostaglandins (PGs)
* Flax: LNA
* Hemp: LA, LNA, and GLA
* Nature's Most Perfectly Balanced Oil?
* Exotic Oils
* Oil and Protein Work Together
* Budwig, Flax Oil, and Protein
* Flax and Hemp Oil Recipes
* Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)
* Alkylglycerols
* Oils and Sunshine - Light and Health
* Balanced Nutrition and Life-Style

Section Seven
Fats and Fates - Fats and Degenerative Diseases
* Changes in Fat Consumption and Degenerative Disease
* Degenerative Diseases
* Is the Cholesterol Theory Wrong?
* Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)
* Diabetes
* Overweight and Constipation
* Skin Conditions, Tanning Lotions, and Ozone
* Female Conditions
* Allergies, Arthritis, and Asthma
* Addictions, Mental Illness, and Violence
* "Bugs": Candida Yeast, Fungi, Bacteria, and Chronic Fatigue
* Cancer
* Auto-Immune Conditions
* Other Degenerative Conditions
* Aging and Longevity
* Infants and Oils
* Pets and Oils
* The Business and Politics of Health

Section Eight
Toward Total Health - Live Long and Feel Fat-astic
* Recommendations for Health
* The Biological Basis of Natural Therapies
* Health as Wholeness
* Abbreviations
* Glossary/Bibliography/Index/About the Author
* Services Provided

Editor's note: if you are serious about your health, you must read this book. After observing the cooking and eating habits of our people, I have all but to conclude that the high-temperature treated oils and re-used oils are, at least, partly responsible for making us succumb to serious degenerative diseases (cancers and heart diseases) and agonizing premature death!