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Sea Salt / Himalaya Crystal Salt Foot Bath

This foot bath is very relaxing, while stimulating blood and energy flow, warming you. It strengthens weakened kidney function and very helpful for insomnia. Best done just before sleeping.

Pour about 300 grams of natural sea salt or Himalaya Crystal Salt into a pail (should be deep to your calves) of warm water (about 40 degress Celsius) and stir until the granules have dissolved. Sea salt or Himalaya crystal salt are known to be a natural cleansing agent, drawing the body's toxins out of the skin and relaxing the tissues. It is also rich in minerals.

Sit on a stool and soak the bare feet for at least 30 minutes. I suggest you flex and stretch your toes and feet in the water to exercise the tendons and muscles to release tensions.


  • about 8 liters of warm water (you can boil 3~4 liters of water to mix with another half of the cold water)
  • Temperture: around 40 degress Celsius
  • 300 grams of sea salt or Himalaya Crystal Salt

Blend the salt into the water, the level of the water should be up to the knees. Immerse your feet into the water and relax for 30 minutes at least.

Editor's note: I have used the foot bath for many times. My personal experience is it does promote better sleep and it really warms the feet and improve the circulation. It is an inexpensive way of helping the circulation of lower limbs and the ensuing feeling of relaxation is very seductive. Make sure you soak for at least 30 minutes or until you perspire. If the water is salty enough, it shall hold the heat, if not, keep a kettle full of hot water nearby to keep on adding warm water into the pail.

I have used it to complement nutritional and supplemental protocols for various conditions.

To achieve best effect, continue to take this foot bath for about 14 days and then do once every 2 ~ 3 days.

Some users might experience emotional releases after using this foot bath awhile. It is normal, and if you experience it, you're not crazy but blessed. Happy soaking.

This traditional home remedy is around for thousands of years and is based on ancient wisdom. The effectiveness has not proven by recent Western scientfic studies and we do not make claims to its effectiveness.