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Toxicity Of Hair Colour & Dye

Hair Dye is toxic

By now, I think it is an open secret everybody should know that hair dyes contain various toxic chemicals. The toxicity not only damages the hair but also the health of the individual who uses the dye.

Toxic Chemicals in the hair colour and dye
Para-phenylenediamine*: Japan Poison Information Center notes that almost all hair colour contains para-phenylenediamine, lethal dose of this is 10g, it is easily absorbed from skin and lung. This chemical is harmful if swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. This is reason why the user should wear gloves and goggles to protect themselves. However, the scalp is also skin, therefore, the chemical still get absorbed into the interstitial fluid and bloodstream.

Warning: it is possible to overdose on this lethal substance and get killed as a result.

Symptoms caused by hair dye
• Anaphylaxis; acute shock, very danger
• Contagious dermatitis
• Conjunctivitis
• Bronchical asthma
• Abnormality of kidney
• Anemia
• Possibility of carcinogenicity

Hair Dye is an endocrine disrupter that promotes cancer
Dr. Sakabe Mitsugu, director of clinical environmental medical centre of KITASATO Institute Hospital finds that hair colour is a kind of endocrine disrupter. He diluted 3 commercial hair colours into 1ppm or 1ppb compared with normal concentration applying to hair. He added this liquid to cells of breast cancer, and found that all of those liquid propagated them.

Hair Dye Promotes Lymphatic Cancer
A research from Yale University shows that long-term use of hair dye promotes lymphatic cancer.

It is foolish and suicidal to think that the hair dye is for external use only and, therefore, doesn’t present a health hazard to the users. Don’t forget, the skin is permeable, if not, those “patch” drugs would not work, since they suppose to deliver chemicals to the bloodstream through the skin (such as the nicotine patch, for example).

Yet, many agencies still allow personal care product manufacturers to use openly carcinogenic and toxic ingredients in their formulas, without any requirement whatsoever to even list those ingredients on the labels! An analysis of one popular perfume product, for example, showed it to contain more than forty toxic compounds known to cause liver cancer.

That hair dyes have been linked to cancer is really no surprise to those familiar with the toxicity of personal care products. Practically every popular product contains at least one cancer-causing chemical, and hair dyes are near the top of the list.

The Advice
It is best to stay away from chemical hair dyes and artificial personal care products. More so, if one has chronic health condition, like cancer or autoimmune diseases.

*Para-phenylenediamine was voted as Allergen of the Year in 2006 by the American Contact Dermatitis Society! It is also used in black clothing, printer ink, facsimile ink, fur dye, leather dye, photographic products and many others.

Compliled and edited by Edwin Low

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