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What is antroquinonol?

Modern Cancer Prevention Approaches

New Chemopreventive Agent... A Presentation

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Antroquinonol Extract 

Anti-aging Product:

Growth Hormone Releaser: Fitness + VITASHAPE 800














Antroquinonol B





Antroquinonol CAntroquinonol B & Antroquinonol C: The active cancer-fighting compounds. Isolated from Antrodia Camphorata.

High safety, high performance anti-cancer compound.

Pharmacological Properties and Modes of Actions:

Antroquinonol™ could inhibit proferation of liver, lung, breast & prostate cancer cells.o Antroquinonol induced S phase arrest of HepG2 cells when they are pretreated with synchronization.o After synchronized with Antroquinonol decrease all cell cycle regulatory protein & cell growth related protein (including cyclin A, cyclin D, cyclin E, cdk2, cdk4, Rb, p53, Akt and MAPK). Antroquinonol inhibit protein synthesis through translation related protein 4E-BP1 and elF4E

Antroquinonol™ for the treatment of multiple forms of cancer has been proven in vivo. The compound has passed in-vivo efficacy, ADME/toxicology for at least three kinds of cancer (NSCLC, liver and breast cancer) compared with the chemotherapy drugs Mitomycin and Taxol as positive control. No drug resistance was observed during in vivo studies. This indicates that the drug can be considered a long-term orally-administered cancer therapy.

Antroquinonol  MTT ASSAY 人体癌细胞体外试验:


Toxicology studies completed to date have shown toxic effects present only after administration of 30-50 times effective dosage. Such symptoms include diarrhea and non-systemic toxic reactions. Compared to other anti-cancer drugs on the market, Antroquinonol® is the only such natural compound that does not elicit side effects.

PD/PK studies have shown that Antroquinonol® bioactivity begins immediately upon being absorbed through the mucosa, allowing for convenient oral administration. Furthermore, studies have shown that the drug does not remain in the body after a period of 13-15 hours.



China recognizes supports the research and development of the breakthrough drugs which are used to treat cancer, AIDS, and cardio- and cerebro-vascular diseases, read the news.... And Antroquinonol is being classified as a 'Breakthrough Drug'.

The Chinese have used Antrodia Camphorate (AC) in traditional medicine as a cancer preventive health supplement in Taiwan for more than 50 years. Triterpenes - the most important bioactive ingredient found in AC - is a compound which exhibits anti-cancer, anti-virus, anti-oxidatnt, hepatoprotection and cholesterol inhibition properties.

Compared to the well known Ganoderma Lucidium (Lingzhi) where less than 50 types of Triterpenes are found, AC contains more than 200 types of Triterpenes. In addition, the concentration of Triterpenes found in AC is 10-15 times higher than Ganoderma Lucidium.

Antrodia Camphorata vs Lingzhi

Recently, scientists discovered and patented new active anti-cancer compound Antroqinonol. Antroqinonol is a unique compound only found in AC. Various clinical tests using Antroqinonol proved it effective against cancerous cells.

Indications of Antroqinonol:

  • Anti-allergenic, strengthen immune function
  • Anti-cancer, chemoprevention
  • Anti-fatigue, anti-oxidation, anti-LDL cholesterol synthesis
  • Anti-viral Hepatitis, Anti-hepatoxication, Hepatoprotection
  • Treatment of Autoimmune diseases

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