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Rain Pure Probiotics

• Balance • Immunity • Digestion

Our bodies are vessels for billions of good and bad bacteria. The bulk of which are found in our intestines. The good bacteria help us digest food and synthesize important vitamins, nutrients, and essential fatty acids. These good bacteria are known to support good digestion, hormonal balance, a healthy metabolism, detoxification, and may also help improve the immune system's responsiveness by fighting off the bad bacteria. It is important to help the good bacteria in your system maintain the upper hand by supplementing with probiotics.

With PURE you're essentially adding 10 billion tiny warriors to the cause and proactively fighting the depletion of beneficial bacteria that can leave you susceptible to infection. Rain Nutrition's probiotic, PURE, uses patented BIO-tract® technology which protects our product from the harmful effects of stomach acids so that the good flora and beneficial organisms will survive until they reach the GI tract where they will go to work on cleansing and strengthening.

Did you know that MOST SEEDS make up a very small percentage of the total weight of a berry or flower, but they often contain the most potent health benefits in their tiny packages. The foundation of all of our products at Rain Nutrition, are the seeds.

We have all heard of the amazing antioxidant power in berries and herbs, but what no one has ever explained properly are the best parts of those berries... the seeds.

Key Ingredients
Cranberry seed flour has been added to our powerful probiotic blend to ensure adequate cleansing and purification. Cranberries contain powerful nutrients called proanthocyanidins, which have been shown, through research, to help keep certain bacteria from sticking to the inside of the body. Cranberries also contain high levels of antioxidants, which help combat oxidative stress caused by free-radicals and are thought to help strengthen the immune system. Combine PURE with SOUL and you have the perfect combination of antioxidants, important omegas, and good flora to keep you balanced and healthy all the time.

  • Reduces free-radicals
  • 10,000,000,000 good bacteria per serving
  • Supports the synthesis of important vitamins, nutrients, and EFAs
  • Supports good digestion
  • Helps to obtain hormonal balance
  • Helps to maintain a healthy metabolism
  • Improves the immune system's responsiveness to diseases
  • Contains technology that ensures the release of the nutrients in the GI tract
  • Strengthens immune system
Rain nutrition employs a COLD PRESS PROCESS that removes the nutrient rich oils and flours from botanical seeds without harming their efficacy in the process. This method ensures that the nutrients in the oils and flours are preserved. Countless manufacturers use systems that require high temperatures and harsh chemicals to obtain extracts that are less effective. Rain Nutrition has taken great measures to ensure that the process used is certified organic and chemical-free. The products that Rain has created and will create over time will use only the extracts from this cold press process. This will ensure the finest possible result every time.

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