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Artemis Herbal Products

ARTEMIS is one of New Zealand's leading natural health companies.

The ARTEMIS products are designed to address common health complaints and aid self-care. A selection of therapeutic herbal teas, creams, tinctures (oral liquid), oils, health syrups & elixirs complete the range which has an impeccable safety track record.

Our products are suitable for children and adults, even if pregnant or on medication.

Made in New Zealand from prime, fresh, organic & wildcrafted herbs without any nasties added. Straight from the fields into your hands.

Artemis Breastfeeding Tea

Artemis Breastfeeding Tea
Traditional Swiss recipe for a good supply of milk and nourishing support of mother and child.

Artemis Cardio Tea

Artemis Cardio Care Tea
Traditional Swiss recipe to care for heart and circulation.

Artemis Digestive Tea

Artemis Digestive Tea
Traditional Swiss recipe for soothing and settling the stomach.

Artemis Immuno

Artemis Immuno Boost Tea
Traditional Swiss recipe for fighting off seasonal ill’s and chills.

Artemis Kidney Tea

Artemis Kidney Tea
Traditional Swiss recipe for flushing and toning the urinary system.

Artemis Liver Tea

Liver Detox Tea
Traditional Swiss recipe for regular cleansing of the liver and eliminating wastes and toxins.

Artemis Menopause Tea

Menopause Tea
suitable for women during the change.

Artemis PMT Tea

PMT Ease Tea
Traditional Swiss recipe for a healthy woman’s cycle and hormonal balance.

Artemis Pregnancy Tea

Pregnancy Tea
Traditional Swiss Health System midwifery recipe for pregnant women.

Artemis Stress Relief Tea

Stress Relief Tea
Traditional Swiss recipe for de-stressing, uplifting and soothing the nerves.

Artemis Repower Tea

Repower Tea
A natural power drink to recharge, refocus and keep going!

Artemis Rest Relax Tea

Rest and Relax Tea
Traditional Swiss recipe for relaxation and a restful sleep.

Artemis Nerve Skin Rescue

Nerve & Skin Rescue Oil
Certified organic therapeutic massage oil for stress relief, nerve complaints and general body tightness.

Artemis Arthro Ease Cream

Arthro Ease Cream
Traditional Swiss recipe for supporting healthy joint mobility and function.

Artemis Itch Calm

Itch Calm Cream
Traditional non-steroidal recipe for easing skin discomfort of all ages, including babies.


Artemis Strain Repair Cream

Strain Repair Cream
Warming traditional Swiss recipe for supporting the normal recovery from acute and chronic stresses and strains to the musculo-skeletal system.

Artemis Tissue Repair Cream

Tissue Repair Cream
Traditional Swiss recipe to recover from acute, chronic stresses and strains.


Artemis Vein Support Cream

Vein Support Cream
Traditional Swiss recipe for regular strength and tone of veins.


Note: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Individual results may vary.

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