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Joy Spring Organic Soy Sauce


Joy Spring: The Company

Joy Spring Organic Brewed Chili Soybean Paste

Joy Spring Organic Black Bean Paste

Joy Spring Organic Black Bean Sauce

Joy Spring Organic Chili fermented Black Bean Paste

Joy Spring Organic Mushroom Sauce

Joy Spring Organic Brewed Soybean Paste

Joy Spring Organic Soybean Paste

Joy Spring Organic Soybean Sauce

Organic Certificate

Organic Certificate

Joy Spring Production Process:


Bragg Liquid Aminos & Apple Cider Vinegar







Joy Spring Organic Soy Bean Sauce


• Delicious flavor with lighter color, suitable for any type of cooking and sauce for
Japanese salad, sashimi, chafing fish and boiled vegetable.
• Mix with organic Black Bean sauce, good for various stewed food

Product Feature:
• Made by Non-Gmo soybean, wheat and sugar which are certified organic
by QAI of U.S.A. or QC&I Germany.
• All ingredients are well packed and refrigerated with low temperature to keep away from infection of aflatoxin.
• 100% purely fermented. No chemical pigment, preservative. Anti-forming agent, modify starch and chemical seasoning, such as MSG, 5’-GMP (Sodium 5’-Guanylate), amino acid, caramel and liquorices

Volume: 220ml

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