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A Wholesome Diet Guide To Complement Treatment of Degenerative Diseases


Most cancer patients suffer from poor digestion. This could be caused by treatments (chemotherapy, radiation and surgery) , improper diet or inherent weakness in the body.

Symptoms of poor digestion are inclusive of excessive flatulence, indigestion, the loss of appetite, acid reflux, tiredness after food and sluggish bowel movement.

These problems cannot be taken lightly as the absence of proper digestion and absorption would result in malnutrition in the longer run.

Without appropriate countermeasures, the body would degenerate further, eventually resulting in death (starvation would weaken the immunity and accelerate the cancer growth!).

Hence, it is crucial for patients to have a good appetite while consuming wholesome food to combat the disease. The supplementation of digestive enzymes may be necessary to promote digestion.

The patient should be placed on a liquid diet while consuming fresh, uncooked food items. Refined food products and over-cooking should be avoided preventing the over-burdening of the digestive system.

Healthy Eating Guideline

  1. 70% satiated : 40% solid food; 30% liquid and 30% empty.
  2. 40% Carbo; 30% Protein and 30% Fat. Fat and oil must be of plant-based and cold-press.
  3. Stay clear of fried food and food that cooked in high temperature, this is because high-temperature and sustained cooking would damage the molecular structure of the food. The immune system would treat such food as foreign object that triggers an immune response. This would weaken the immunity further.
  4. Chew a mouthful of food for at least 40 times or till food becomes chyme in the mouth. This is important as ptyalin (a form of starch-digesting enzymes) is only available in the saliva but not in the stomach. Chewing the food thoroughly would aid the digestion and lessen the requirement on digestive enyzmes.
  5. Stay away from any food items made from REFINED sugar!!!
  6. Stay away from fried food, white flour, refined salt, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oil (transfat) and fat (biscuits, chocolate, cake and pastries etc).These oils are harmful the body.
  7. Drink beverages that are green and wholesome: brown rice, various grains, almond, oat, rye, wild yam, barley, black sesame, black bean, soy, lecithin, green vegetable and fruit fiber, buckwheat etc.
  8. Drink soup before a meal and never together.
  9. Perform a prayer before and after a meal.


This is to provide rich micro nutrients for body to handle many functions, including digestion)

  • 500 ml of fresh water + lemon juice + sea salt.
  • Vegetable/fruit juices, we recommend the Breuss juice & Vita 7.
  • Green Fibre juice.
  • Daily water intake: 2000 to 2500 ml.
  • One mouthful of water every 15 minutes or so, allow the water to cleanse the oral cavity many times before swallowing.
  • Filtered and un-boiled water is preferable.
  • Fruit and vegetable salad: don't use the commercial dressings, because they contain too much refined salt, preservatives and oxidized or hydrogenated oils
  • Eat yogurt (soy yogurt is preferable) or take a probiotic supplement.

Lunch, Main Meal

This is to provide sufficient fuel for the body need. Therefore, do not over eat in any category of food)

  • Raw vegetable, fruits and juices. Root vegetables are recommended for their abundance in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and enzymes.
  • Brown rice / porridge. Mix with buckwheat or whole wheat: 80% brown rice and 20% of other grains. Soak well before cooking.
  • Rye bread is the best chosen before others (wheat is very acidic and it contains the allergen/antigen - gluten.)
  • Plant-based protein: non GM Soya beans (tofu, natto, miso etc.) and animal protein from small fishes.
  • Avoid meat products. For sensitive skin, avoid animal protein altogether.
  • Fats: extra virgin coconut oil, freshly ground sesame seeds, flaxseed oil, fish oils, olive oil, sunflower oil, grape seed oil


Eat sparingly while monitoring carbohydrate intake. Consumption of fluid made from grain powder, almond seed, sesame seed etc is recommended.

Cooking Method

Cooking does play a very important part in preserving and delivering nutrients into your body system. Therefore, use low-heat, waterless cookware for most, if not all, of your cooking. High heat, boiling in water and exposure to air are the three greatest enemies of nutrients. Therefore, an inert pots made of surgical stainless steel with lids that form a vaccuum seal are the most efficient means of cooking foods to preserve the greatest nutritional value.

Nutritious Fish Soup

For those require extra nutrients or are very weak physically, scaled fish (more than 1 foot) is to be slowly cooked for 8-16 hours with 2000 cc of water. Drink the soup without eating the fish (its flesh has been dissolved). Add ginger, black pepper and other healthy spices. Drink throughout the day.

The Importance of Good Appetite

Monitor your appetite. A good appetite along with an efficient metabolism signify good bodily function. Poor appetite would eventually ruin your health. Naturally fermented Sauerkraut juice (must be organic) can be a good aid in improving the digestion and appetite. Supplement digestive enzymes, if necessary.


To promote perspiration. The inability to perspire would cause the excessive accumulation of toxins and waste in the body. Perspiration is also known to remove heavy metals from the body. A steam bath or sauna (True Far Infrared Sauna) is recommended as it is gentle towards the body while preventing excessive heat from building up from within.

Deep relaxation and Diaphragm breathing are recommended. Therapeutic Yoga is equally suitable.


For those that are very weak, after the surgery, chemo- or radiotherapy, ingesting bio-enzymes before sleeping would induce greater cell regeneration. For those have inflammation (due to chemo- or radiotherapy), ingesting pure organic Aloe Vera juice would help to heal the wound and reduce the inflammation.

Supplementation for Cancer Patients:

The immune system of a cancer patient has already been compromised. Thus, nutrients should be obtained from a liquid diet. However, supplementation is needed to replenish the nutrients present in the body especially before, during and after the commencement of conventional therapy (chemo/radiotherapy) . The following supplements are on our recommended list. A properly planned supplementation would help to improve the condition (quality of life) and speed up the recovery:

  1. The liquid form of various functional enzymes for rejuvenation (to be taken at least once before bedtime)
  2. Pure Aloe Vera Juice for treating inflammation while increasing cell regeneration.
  3. Milk Thistle/Artichoke / Antrodia Camphorate Myceliafor liver detoxification and regeneration (especially for chemo/radiotherapy)
  4. Fucoidan
  5. CoQ10
  6. A full complement of digestive enyzmes to improve digestion
  7. Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. We recommend Dr Udo's 369 together with Dr Budwig Diet.
  8. Wholly Immune by Allergy Research Group: formulated and approved by oncologists to synergistically support immune system function while reducing oxidative damage. Improved liver detoxification and cell division have also been noted.
  9. Full components of natural vitamin E
  10. Whey Protein: for cellular rebuilding
  11. Herbal teas: Sage, camomile, peppermint and others
  12. IP6

Please note that these are general guidelines to improve the body condition and well being. These are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure cancer.

As for pancreatic problems, here are some additional information:

  1. Pancreatic complications are common in patients suffering from pancreatic cancer. Vague abdominal discomfort, pain, abdominal distention, excessive flatus (gas), belching, diarrhea, steatorrhea (fat indigestion) and weight loss are common symptoms. Therefore, it is advisable to ingest pancreatic enzymes (digestive enzyme) which supports the digestive system while improving absorption.
  2. Stay away from carbohydrates (grain, rice, bread etc) and sugars.
  3. Consume small quantity of food per meal and chew thoroughly. To aid digestion, natural fermented sauerkraut juice and digestive juice are recommended for consumption. Do not combine too many different types of food into a single meal as the stomach would not be able to handle the stress.
  4. Massage the pancreatic meridian to stimulate the pancreas. (Acupressure)

We recommend detox program to clean up the toxic pileup in the body. Try Hilde Hemmes' or Breuss' Programme.

-- Edwin Low /Julian Low

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