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Nanoized Bio Enzyme from Japan (Low Sugar)



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Micronized Bio Enzyme from Japan 日本浓熟奈米酵素
720ml S$180.00
(Stock is back)

Using extracts of yeast rice, vegetables, fruits, sea weeds and yeast coupled with plant-based nutritive solution rich in chelated minerals as a base then blended in Natto probiotics, Aspergillus niger, microzyme, lactobacillus and polysaccharide bacteria.

The mixture is then left to ferment naturally for extended period. The fermented nutrients are further nanoized to achieve maximum potency and bio-activity. The process also filters out the excessive sugars that are necessary during the fermentation.

This enzyme is highly recommended for those seeking to improve their energy level, suffering from chronic fatigue, and those who are recovering from surgery and various treatments (including chemotherapy). It is also suitable for those are very weak, lack of appetite and lack of sleep.

How to use: To power up the energy: 30ml to be sipped in the morning and once more before bedtime. To support life, 30 ml to be sipped or hold in the mouth as many times as possible.

Editor's note: during the process of authoring the book, I spent number of months pondering over the title of the chapter on "Enzymes". Finally, I settled with Enzymes: The Spark of Life. This is because for every process in our being, there invariably involves enzymes. Without enzymes, there're no life. Therefore, when one is succumb to serious illness or serious depletion of energy, supplementation of enzymes is the best and shortest possible way to get back the life-supporting energy. For those needing the energy and life force, this one is highly recommended.

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