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8-Grain Rice (八宝香Q米)



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Birch Tea

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St John's Wort

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Stinging Nettle Tea












8 grains rice

8 Treasure Rice

• Wholefood
• Balanced nutritionally
• Low Glycemic Index

Organic brown rice, maize, black sticky rice, oat millet, buckwheat, wheat, Job’s tears, sorghum.

1. Soak the grains for 1 to 2 hours (pour away the first round of water after 5 minutes, then add in water and proceed to soak)
2. Cook in electric rice cooker
3. Keep warm for another half an hour

Net weight: 1.8kg

Nutritional Value
Each serving contains:


184 kcal













Editor's note: Chinese people believe that in order to maintain the physical health, one has to have sizeable quantity of grains in his diet. The multi-grain and wholefood diet would help to generate the life force (气 in Chinese, Ki in Japanese and Prana in India) required to support life. We cook this rice frequently. We like to add in some beans, like black-eye and chick pea, some vegetables like cabbage and carrots, and soak them together with the rice. We will also blend in 1 to 2 tablespoons of cold pressed coconut oil. It tastes delicious! Make sure you chew slowly and enjoy the chewing.

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