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Nukleus Men's Wear

The Fruit Series

Enjoy the fruits that are grown near you. They’re fresher, tastier, better. That’s because they’re closer to you in space and time. Which in turn means less environmental impact. Local fruits: good for you, good for Earth. Just like Nukleus.


A fictional character praises the blueberry: It’s “one of the great forces of good in the world.” There’s nothing fictional about the compliment. It tastes great, for one thing. It can help you fight diseases, for another. No doubt, the blueberry is full of real goodness. Just like Nukleus.

Nukleus Blueberry Elan
Blueberry Elan $20.90/1pc
Nukleus Blueberry Panache
Blueberry Panache $12.90/1pc
Nukleus Blueberry Zest
Blueberry Zest $21.90/1pc
Nukleus Blueberry Zing
Blueberry Zing $21.90/1pc






















Honeydew. The favourite fruit of famous men. Some cultures even consider it sacred. Small wonder. Because the fruit lives up to its name. The honeydew: positively healthful, simply delightful. Just like Nukleus.

Nukleus Honeydew Bliss
Honeydew Bliss $18.90/2pcs
Nukleus Honeydew Delight
Honeydew Delight $12.90/1pc
Nukleus Honeydew Joy
Honeydew Joy $12.90/1pc


Manggis: Mangosteen in the Malay language. Considered by some as a “super fruit”, it can give your health a big boost. The mangosteen: exotic, tonic, terrific. Just like Nukleus.

Nukleus Manggis Special
Manggis Special $12.90/1pc
Nukleus Manggis Vintage
Manggis Vintage $12.90/1pc
Nukleus Manggis Classic
Manggis Classic $18.90/2pcs













When one has tasted watermelon, one knows “what the angels eat,” says

Mark Twain. Indeed, the watermelon is heavenly and juicy and healthy. The watermelon: the “chief of this world’s luxuries.” Just like Nukleus.

Nukleus Watermelon Dreams
Watermelon Dreams $15.90/2pcs
Nukleus Watermelon Fantasy
Watermelon Fantasy $18.90/2pcs
Nukleus Watermelon Wish
Watermelon Wish $18.90/2pcs



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