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Probiotic 50B

S$55.00 per box.

Key Features

What is CFU?
How much do I need it in a day?

CFU stands for "Colony-Forming Unit" that tells you how many good microbes you are getting.
It is a measure of how many bacteria or yeasts are able to divide and form colonies.


Key Features:

      High Potency

      Wide Spectrum Synbiotic Formulation

      High Safety 

      High Bioviability and Stable Shelf Life. 


Benefits of Probiotic 50B



As supplement : Adults take 1-2 sachet daily, before or after meals
For Diarrhea : 3 - 12 years old, 1 sachet once daily.


Open one sachet and pour contents in water/drink and dissolve. Do not mix with hot water or food above 40 degrees Celsius.  
Content may not be dissolved completely due to the coating technology. 
Consume before or after meals.  

Contra Indication: Immunocompromised patients e.g. HIV/AIDS, Uncontrolled diabetics; Person Receiving Chemotherapy.

Special Precaution: Pregnancy & Lactation 


Active Ingredients



Bromelain (Digestive Enzyme)


Nutritional Information: 

Serving Size :  3g / sachet
Calories          11.4 kcal
Protein          0.50 g
Fats              0.00 g
Carbohydrate 2.35 g 


Patented coating technology ensures guaranteed viability of Probiotic 50B Bacteria






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