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Fitness+ Palm Essence

Palm Essence

Naturext™ Fitness+ PALM ESSENCE Natural Palm

  • Fruit Tocotrienol Complex
  • Most potent form of Vitamin E 


  • 纯天然“生育三烯酚
  • 最有效的维生素E


Vitamin E is effective for the treatment of non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. 

Vitamin E occurs naturally in eight different forms - 4 forms of Tocopherol and 4 forms of Tocotrienol. While Tocopherols are generally present in common vegetable oils (i.e. soy, canola, wheat germ, sunflower), Tocotrienols, on the other hand, are concentrated in cereal grains (i.e. oat, barley, rye, and rice bran), with 
the richest source found in virgin crude palm oil. 

维生素E是四种生育酚(tocopherol), 四种生育三烯酚(tocotrienols)共八种化合物的统称,具有抗氧化功能的脂溶性维生素。生育酚主要存在于植物油(例如:大豆,油菜籽,小麦胚芽,葵花籽),生育三烯酚,来自谷物(例如:燕麦,大麦,黑麦和米糠)和棕榈油,棕榈油是目前已知的维生素E最丰富的来源。

Tocotrienols are most potent forms of natural Vitamin E that can protect against brain cell damage[1], prevent cancer[2], and reduce cholesterol[3]. These biological characteristics, however, are not present in Tocopherols


Vitamin E content in Fats & Oils

Vitamin E has long been known for its anti-oxidative properties against lipid peroxidation in biological membranes and alpha-tocopherol is considered to be the most active form. However, since 2000, scientists have suggested tocotrienols are better antioxidants than tocopherols[4][5] at preventing cardiovascular diseases[6] and cancer[7].  



 Clinical Application 适用证           RX 
 Hypercholesterolemia 高胆固醇血症
(lowering of triglycerides & LDL) 
 300 mg b.i.d
300毫克 b.i.d 
 Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver (NAFLD)
Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)
 600 mg b.i.d
600毫克 b.i.d
 Neuroprotection / Anti Atherogenic
(Stroke induced Neurodegeneration)
 300 mg b.i.d
300毫克 b.i.d
 Arteriosclerosis (arterial blockage)
Ischemia 局部贫血
 300 mg b.i.d
300毫克 b.i.d
 Breast & Prostate Chemoprevention
 300 mg once
300毫克 once  

once = 1 time per day
b.i.d = 2 times per day

300 mg / Softgel

Nutritional Information:

 Typical amount per softgel serving   300 mg 
 d-Alpha Tocotrienol  22 mg 
 d-Beta Tocotrienol  4 mg
 d-Gamma Tocotrienol  52 mg
 d-Delta Tocotrienol  22 mg 
 Total d-Tocotrienol  100 mg
 Total d-Alpha Tocopherol  9 mg 
 Total d-Tocotrienol & Tocopherol  109 mg 

As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 soft gel daily or as directed by physician.

OECD Acute Oral Toxicity
d-Tocotrienol LD50 > 2000 mg / kg (body weight) 

Shelf Life: 24 months
Storage: Avoid direct sunlight; store in cool, dry place. 

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