Stacyose - Prebiotic

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Stachyose - Prebiotic

Stachyose, an essence extracted from Stachysfloridona, an edible vegetation grown on highland of 2,400 metres above sea-level in an unpolluted environment.


Stachyose as a prebiotic, will not be destroyed or absorbed in human intestines, instead it can accelerate the proliferation speed of probiotic by as much as 40 times when it reached the large intestine.


Supplement Facts:
Ingredient: Every 100g contains 65g Stachyose and 5g Raffinose

Suggested use: 1 teaspoon per day, taken directly or dissolve in warm water then drink.

Storage: stored in a cool dry place

150g per bag



Stachyose (Prebiotic)

Lactobacillus Drinks (Probiotic)


24 months (plant-based)

7 days (bacteria)

Effective Temp

-5o C to 150 o C

Below 17 o C


Not affected

Majority of probiotic is killed during consuming, due to in contact with oxygen


Will not be destroyed or absorbed in human intestine

90% of probiotic will be destroyed while passing through stomach


Accelerate the proliferation speed of probiotic by as much as 40 times and its activeness remain much longer

Probiotic will last less than 24 hours while passing through the large intestine


People of all age group; diabetics as well as the aged incapable of feeding oneself

High sugar content, hence not suitable for tube-feed aged and diabetics


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