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Black Garlic Liquid Extract

Black Garlic Extract
S$ 118.00 (30 x 45g). Country of origin: Korea

Black Garlic Capsule (90 Capsules)

Black Garlic Capsule
S$ 68.00 for 90 capsules. Country of origin: Korea

Odourless. All Natural. No Additives. No Preservative.

A simple food with a wonderfully complex flavour.

UI-SEONG FERMENTED BLACK GARLIC is loaded with nearly twice as many anti-oxidants as fresh garlic. It is sweet meets savoury, a perfect mix of molasses-like richness and tangy garlic undertones. It has a tender, almost jelly-like texture. Experience complete natural sweetness! Hard to believe but true. It’s as delicious as it is unique.

Ferment Black Garlic + Black Onion
Special aged garlic & onion turns black through self-aging and without preservative. It is a type of special fermentation process for better results.

Fermented Black garlic is carefully selected garlic from the UI-SEONG cold region in Korea. Made by a natural maturing process under controlled temperature and humidity kept constant for 45 days. Through this process, the matured garlic maintains the original functions of fresh garlic which removing its peculiar smell and taste.

From the Leading Brand that won several Korean Awards:

The product lines include:
Selenium Black Garlic with Ginseng Extract – 250g/bottle
Original Honey black Aging Garlic – 150g/pack (Peel)
Black Garlic Pills – 600 pills/bottle
Black Garlic Extract – 45ml/pack
Native Black Garlic Bulbs – 2 bulbs/pack

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