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Pure T Reverse Osmosis System

Pure T ROS water system

The 5-stage system blocks contaminants through advanced technology. An innovative combination of NSF-certified elements including a sediment filter, activated coconut shell carbon block, high quality reverse osmosis membrane, and post carbon polishing filters removes harmful pesticides, chemicals, colours, odours, bacteria, and yes - drugs. The safest, purest, best drinking water comes through this top quality reverse osmosis systems.

Purifying the water in any home or business is easy, convenient, and cost effective with Pure T Reverse Osmosis. The system comes completely assembled and ready to install with quick-connect fittings that simplify the process and eliminate leaking. Our RO system even uses widely available industry standard components, so when the long-lasting filter needs a change, replacements are easy to find at a competitive price.

The U.S.-made membrane element in the RO filter cartridge comes only from Filmtec, considered the world's finest membrane manufacturer. In fact, every component of our products and systems undergoes rigorous quality control inspections and must meet self-imposed standards that exceed industry regulations.

With Pure T in the system, nothing stands between you and pure water.

The E3RO PureT portable RO unit features a slim design weighing less than 7 pounds and only 4 inches deep, color-coded encapsulated twist-on filters for error-free installation, and a durable stainless steel bracket. The five-stage system starts with a gray encapsulated, quick-change sediment filter, followed by a light blue encapsulated GAC filter, a navy blue encapsulated carbon block filter, a quick-connect RO membrane housing with 50 GPD RO elements, and finally, a quick-connect inline GAC polish filter. 

PureT Filters made from Coconuts?

Coconuts and Clean Water
The purest water comes from coconuts - shells, that is. Pure T's carbon block filters utilize the revolutionary benefits of high-density, activated coconut shell carbon in its HGCBC series carbon block filters, producing clean water that far exceeds the industry standards.

Why Coconut Shells?
The large, granular surface area of coconut shells has a tremendous capacity to remove not only chlorine, unpleasant odors, and sediment, but colors as well. Also, because activated coconut shell carbon provides a significantly higher volume of micropores and a lower ash content than standard carbon block filters, our HQCBC series also removes harmful chemicals other products leave behind, like trihalomethanes, and greatly decreases volatile organic compounds such as chloroform and pertrochemicals.

Why Pure T?
Known for extraordinary commitment to quality, we employ cutting-edge manufacturing processes and choice FDA-compliant materials to produce its extruded filter housings. That means the housings are uniform, solid pieces that eliminate channeling, fluidizing, bypassing, and the release of carbon fines. This self-imposed standard of excellence results in a product with guaranteed durability, minimal pressure loss, and the most efficient filtration rate. With the highest quality carbon block filters on the market, engineered to optimize residential and commercial filtration systems, Pure T sets the industry bar for pure, natural drinking water.

Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Recent research by an Associated Press investigation reports a "vast array of pharmaceuticals - including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers, and sex hormones - have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans."

Even bottled water contains drugs and other contaminants, as many are simply packaged tap water.

Full report here:

Though the concentrations are miniscule and the effects are undetermined, experts agree that reverse osmosis (RO) is the best and most efficient way to eliminate virtually all contaminants, including pharmaceuticals, from water.

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