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Note: This product is not available in Singapore. The information contained here is for your reference only. Thank you.G-H3


It is important to feel good and to enjoy all the benefits a healthy, active life can offer. G-H3 was originally developed for persons over 45 to protect against specific biochemical deficiencies that occur in aging individuals, many younger persons are now experiencing significant results from this dynamic, energy giving nutritional substance as well.

What is G-H3?

The developer, Professor Ana Aslan, MD, originally referred to it as vitamin factor H3 because it’s active ingredient, procaine hydrochloride, breaks down in the bloodstream into two bionutrients that naturally occur in the body but become deficient as we age; para-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA) and diethylaminoethanol (DEAE). Over the years Dr. Aslan’s discovery has become known as Procaine Therapy, Gerovital H3 or just G-H3.

According to The Nutrition Almanac: PABA favorably affects glands, hair, intestines, blood cell formation, protein metabolism and all function of the skin. PABA also stimulates manufacture of other essential vitamins, such as B1, K, folic acid and pantothenic acid. DEAE is a building block of two body substances important to the central nervous system; choline and acetylcholine. Both are components of the body’s stress reaction system and are important in memory functions. DEAE has been proven to produce mental stimulation, mild euphoria and has a positive effect on mood states.

G-H3 is even greater than the sum of its two breakdown parts, yielding far greater results than when taking these two ingredients separately. In scientific studies, equivalent doses of PABA and DEAE did not produce the same results as G-H3. It has been scientifically concluded that G-H3 is a more readily assimilated form of these nutrients and absorbs more completely into the bloodstream. G-H3 may also reach important sites in the brain or in individual cells not ordinarily permeated by PABA or DEAE and is then converted to these vitamins.

Hundreds of scientific reports, articles and books all over the world have reported many fascinating benefits about G-H3. We cannot report these accounts in this literature, but encourage you to research the information for yourself. What we can tell you is that tens of thousands of people are actually taking G-H3 and a majority of the users claim to look and feel better, have renewed energy and experience an improved outlook on life.

The Decision is Yours!

For decades, tens of thousands of people flocked to Europe and have spent up to $3000.00 to receive G-H3 treatments. However, the authentic product is available through our company at just a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, it is a 3 month supply and more than worth its weight in gold! (On larger supplies, the unused portion may also be returned for a full refund).

Nutritional Benefits of G-H3

G-H3 is the original formula of Professor Ana Aslan, M.D. of Romania who utilized this wonderful product for decades in her world famous National Institute of Geriatrics in Bucharest, Romania. Many rich and famous celebrities traveled to Dr. Aslan’s clinics in order to receive this revitalizing treatment. In her research, Professor Aslan administered this product to tens of thousands of elderly people.

Their health was overwhelmingly better than could be expected in a normal geriatric population. There was significantly less age related effects and the patients looked better and felt better than the norm.

G-H3 aids the body in a widespread range of anabolic activities (buildup and repair of the entire organism). It favourably affects all cells and all systems of the body; the circulatory system, the nervous system, the endocrine system, the gastrointestinal system, the muscular-skeletal system and the immune system.

It has positive effects on the heart, skin, hair, nails, body tissues, memory functions, moods, dispositions, intelligence, energy (physical and mental), joint function, protein synthesis, cellular integrity, sexual performance, hearing, eye sight and sleep patterns.

G-H3 is an antioxidant, anti-cortisol, oxygenator and a powerful weapon against stress. It is a mild monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor with a unique action as opposed to other MAO inhibitors. Instead of the depleting the body of this vital enzyme, it helps balance it to that of normal levels. No special diet is necessary and one can consume tyrosinase rich foods such as wine and cheese with no adverse side effects.

This health giving supplement increases appetite and desire, stimulates the body’s production of other essential bio-nutrients and helps protect the body against harmful radiation damage.

G-H3 helps revitalize elderly people, but it can be taken by the old and young alike who wish to maintain youthful, healthy functioning. It is a tremendous product for both students and athletes as it gives an incredible performance edge in physical and mental activities.

In 1982, we surveyed 463 customers who took our oral liquid G-H3. 176 patients (38%) rated the treatment excellent, 181 (39.1%) rated the treatment very good, 56 (12.1%) rated the treatment good and only 50 customers (10.8%) were dissatisfied. Conversely, 89.2 % of the customers were satisfied. The patients reported renewed vitality, heightened sense of well-being, increased energy levels, greater mental acuity and alertness, improved sleep patterns, happier moods and more pleasant dispositions, improved fingernail and hair growth and a better overall, more youthful appearance.

Beware of phonies!

Many companies offer a fraudulent G-H3 product, claiming it is a new and improved formula. They sell these substitute G-H3 products through high-powered marketing campaigns. These companies quote scientific research on G-H3 and label their product as G-H3, but they are not G-H3.

If the product does not contain 2% procaine hydrochloride, benzoic acid, potassium metabisulfite, and disodium phosphate, it is not an authentic G-H 3 product.

This is the authentic Aslan formula since 1979, but we offer it in the inimitable oral liquid formulation which is highly more assimilable than tablets or capsules. It is the best way to introduce this wondrous supplement into the bloodstream.

Dosage: two teaspoons (10 cc’s) on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning before meals.

Who Should Take It: Anyone who wants mental clarity and clean energy, and especially anyone above the age of 40, have a neurological disorder, undergoing great stress, have neurotransmitter imbalance (acetylcholine deficiency especially), and nervous system problems.

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