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Glutathione - The Master Anti-Oxidant in our body.

Our body is constantly under oxidative attack internally and externally. To combat this stress and damage the body utilizes anti-oxidants of different varieties. Glutathione (GSH) is a very special peptide molecule that provides the greatest anti-oxidant protection and recharges other anti-oxidants within the body. Glutathione is a protein that produced by the liver from the amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine.

It is also found in the lungs and intestinal tract and plays a key role in intermediary metabolism, immune response and health.

Functions of Glutathione in body:

- Anti-oxidative effect
- Excessive amount of free radicals in body would lead to the development of lifestyle related diseases and accelerated aging because excessive amount of free radicals would harm body cells. 

- Beautiful skin and whitening effect - The deposition of melanin pigment, which protects the skin from ultraviolet light, leads to development of chloasma, ephelides and dark pigmentation of the skin. Glutathione helps to keep the skin white and beautiful by effectively inhibiting the enzymatic action of tyrosine kinase which enhances melanin generation.

- Liver Detoxer - Excessive drinking and ingestion of poisonous substances (pain killers, for example) could cause severe damage to the liver. The rich presence of Glutathione in liver would help to inhibit the excessive damage done to the liver by the toxic substances, including but not limiting to alcohol, drugs, medical treatments, heavy metals, environmental pollution, de-natured fats & oils, overcooked and overprocessed foods as well as mental and physical stress.

Glutathione level tends to drop by 30 to 35% as we age. Lack of Glutathione may result in the following:

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