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Natur Oil Premium Cold Press Grape Seed Oil from Chile

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True Coconut Oil

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Bariani Olive Oil

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Udo's 369 Oil


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Health Promoting Oils

Carapelli Oil

Our body can’t live without fats. Besides functioning as a storage of energy, fats in the body provide cushioning effect to protect organs from physical shocks.

What is healthy Carb Protein Fat Ratio?

Although there is no definitive ratio, however, based on experience the oils and fats should form about 30% of our total caloric intake: 40-45% carbohydrates or carbs, 25-30% protein and 30-35% fat each day.

Unfortunately, for most of us, carbs and sugars form about 70% to even 80% of our total energy requirement. Needless to say, this has devastative effect on our health in the long run!

I shall elaborate more on a separate article on this -- Edwin

Good fats help to boost your immune system by keeping cell membranes fluid and flexible which in turn affects the white blood cells that repel invaders of the body. Furthermore, good fats promote normal growth, especially of blood vessels and nerves. They keep the skin and other tissues youthful and supple through lubrication and retaining moisture.

Good fats also participate in hormone-making process. So, if you are not consuming enough of the proper fats, you will not be able to make and balance hormones properly.

However, oils and fats that have been processed by high temperature treatment, hydrogenation, deodorization and stablized with artificial antioxdiants are not health promoting. For this reason, we have to be very selective when come to the choice of oils for cooking.

Featured here are the oils that we use daily. For more information on fats, please click here.

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