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Immune+ CHIA Essence

Extra Virgin Chia Seeds Oil; Best Plant Source of Omega 3

Chia Essence

Chia Seeds Oil is perfect for anyone looking for a non-fish source of essential omega fatty acids for health and wellness. Chia Oil have a higher concentration of essential fats as compared to flaxseed oil, which is generally considered to be the best plant source of Omega-3 fatty acids.  

Nutritional Information

Amount per serving  1000 mg 
Calories 90 cal 
Total Fat 1000 mg 
Saturated Fat 106 mg 
Trans Fat  0 mg 
Monounsaturated Fat     73 mg 
Polyunsaturated Fat  819 mg 
Omega-3(ALA)  626 mg 
Omega-6(LA)  193 mg 
Cholesterol  0 mg 
Carbohydrates  0 mg 

CHIA Essence
Key Features 产品特点:

Clinical Application 适用范围   Dosage 服用剂量 (1000 mg) 
Alzheimer & Dementia 阿尔茨海默氏症和痴呆症         
Brain Development 大脑发育 
2g b.i.d. 
Autism Spectrum Disorders 自闭症 
Psychiatric Disorders 精神障碍 
Depression 忧郁症 
2g b.i.d. 

Cardiovascular Health 心血管健康 
High Cholesterol 高胆固醇 

2g b.i.d. 
Chemoprevention 癌症预防 
  • Breast cancer 乳腺癌
  • Colon cancer 结肠癌
  • Lung cancer 肺癌 
  • Stomach cancer 胃癌 
2g b.i.d. 
Inflammatory Diseases 炎症性疾病
  • Crohn Disease 克罗恩病 
  • Ulcerative Colitis 
  • Lupus 狼疮 
  • Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes  
2g t.i.d. 
Auto Immune Disorders 自身免疫系统失调 
  • Rheumatoid arthritis 类风湿性关节炎 
  • Eczema, Psoriasis 湿疹,
2g t.i.d. 

b.i.d. = 2 times per day 1 天 2 次 
t.i.d. = 3 times per day 1 天 3 次

Omega 3 & 6 needs to be in healthy ratio.  

Omega 3 cannot be produced by our body. It needs to be ingested through our diet. As Omega 3 provides anti-inflammatoryproperties, whereas Omega 6 provides the reverse, hence these two fatty acids needs to co-exist in a healthy balanced ratio to protect
and improve our body functions.

Omega 3&6 需要均衡的比例,才能维持人体平衡。人体不能自身合成Omega 3,而需要通过饮食摄取。由于Omega 3 有抗发炎特性,而Omega 6

The Omega-6 (LA) to Omega-3 (ALA) Ratio and Its correlation to Cardiovascular Disease Mortality in Men

     USA/EU    Japan   Greenland 
Ratio LA/ALA    30/1   12/1   1/1 
CVD Mortality / 1000    45    12   5 

The charts indicate, diets rich in the omega-6 are highly correlated with severe cardiovascular mortality when compared to the more balanced Omega-3 diets.   

Omega-6 (LA) 与 Omega-3 (ALA)的比率和心血管疾病死亡率的关系

     USA/EU    Japan   Greenland 
Ratio LA/ALA    30/1   12/1   1/1 
心血管疾病死亡率 /1000    45    12   5 



The CHIA Advantage:
CHIA Seed Oil is cold pressed only. Omega-3 Oil from fish is often distilled at high temperatures, damaging it, oxidizing it, and reducing its effectiveness. 
CHIA Seed Oil remains intact at room temperature for 3 years. In comparison, Flax Seed Oil is oxidized (becomes rancid) in approximately 20 minutes. 

CHIA Seed Oil, unlike Flax Seed Oil, doesn't contain Gluten, Cyanogenic Glycosides, Lignans or Vitamin B antagonists. CHIA Seed Oil does not contain heavy metals; does not contain common dioxin and petroleum that are found in Omega-3 supplements produced from fish. 

Odor and Taste:
CHIA Seed Oil is Odorless and has a gentle, mild and pleasant taste.  

Advantage verses Flaxseeds Oil:
Chia Seed Oil is much more stable in comparison to Flaxseed Oil. In addition, whole chia seed has no cyanogenic glycosides, does not require pre-milling and it's seed is digestible without grinding. Like Flax Seed, Chia also doesn't contain gluten, however the protein levels in Chia Seed are much higher than those found in whole Flax Seed. Thus, if choosing a seed based high Omega-3 Oil, Chia Seed is the safe and healthy choice over flax. There are no limits to consumption of Chia Seed Oil. 

芡欧鼠尾草籽油(奇亚籽油)稳定性比亚麻籽油高;此外, 奇亚籽油 不含氰苷,它本身无需研磨就可直接食用且易消化。奇亚籽油不仅与亚麻种子一样不含麸质,对乳糜泻病(对麸质麦胶不耐而受引起小肠粘膜病变的一种原发性吸收不良综合症)非常合适,还发现它的蛋白质远高于亚麻籽。因此,要寻找一种富含极高Omega-3的健康食品,奇亚籽油就是最佳选择,它比亚麻籽更安全,更健康。 

Advantage verses Fish Oil:
Fish Oil rich in this fatty acid contains up to 20% to 30% of Omega-3. Fish Oil also contains nearly 80% of Saturated Fat and it's Omega-3 is also unstable. In addition, fish oil may contain environmental toxins such as methy mercury and PCB's concentrated through the natural fish food chain, and natural high toxins from the fish liver. Chia Oil is a stable non-toxic alternative to Fish Oil.

鱼油富含高达20%-30%的Omega-3脂肪酸。他还含有将近80%的饱和脂肪,同时里面的Omega-3相当的不稳定。此外,当海域被污染,鱼油可能会含有环境毒素,例如:甲级汞,鱼类通过食物链所蓄积的氯联苯和鱼肝自身含有的毒素。 奇亚籽油的稳定性高,无毒素。另外的好处就是它可以取代鱼油。

Science of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA):

Metabolic Pathways of Omega-3 & Omega-6 EFA:




Chia seeds oil provides a healthy natural 3.3:1 ratio 
of omega-3 to omega-6.   

当中的omega-3与omega-6比例为 3.3:1达到健康平衡标准。  



Significance of Alpha-linolenic acid(ALA)


ALA is the only type of Omega-3 oil

that is supplied in significant quantities

to the fetus through the umbilical cord

during pregnancy.

It is therefore crucial for brain development

in the fetus.


ALA is the only kind of Omega-3

that is found in significant quantities

in mother's milk.

Baby formulas are required to contain

Omega-3 of the ALA type, not the marine type.


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