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Super Blueberry

Super Blueberry
S$66.00 for 60 capsules. Serving size: 2 caps per day. Country of origin: Japan

A Power Packed Source of Lutein and other Antioxidants

Have you ever heard of macular degeneration? When you read or do close work do you increasingly need bright light or do you have a difficult time adjusting to dim lights? If so, you might be suffering from macular degeneration. Gradually you’ll experience an increasing blurring of words when you read or fading of colors.  If this isn’t addressed early it can make you irreversibly blind.

Macular degeneration affects the macula, that small portion at the central area of your retina that gives you clear distinct vision. The macular cells gradually break down and that’s when you realize you’reblind.

One risk factor of developing age related macular degeneration is when you skip those veggies which have lutein. Lutein is essential to maintain the integrity of your retina and macula and slows down the degeneration. It is a very potent antioxidant that blocks harmful blue light and helps in clear vision. But lutein can’t be made by our bodies. That’s why you need to eat foods rich in lutein, but sometimes these foods are inadequate in lutein to maintain the health of your retina and macula. There’s a need to supplement. If you work hours in front of the computer or do very close work or a student who reads most of the time or who experienceseyestrain, headaches due to too much eyework or your vision is blurred or doubled then clearly you need a supplement.

There are supplements in the market but when you choose be sure it has the right amounts of lutein and other important antioxidants to preserve your retina and macula from degeneration. Super blueberry has the right powerful antioxidants of blueberryrich in the Vitamin C &E and the adequateamount of lutein for your macula to function well. Additionally, super blueberry has grape seed oil, beta carotene, astaxanthin with carotenoids; and casis extract whichare important antioxidants that guard against aging of your retina and macula. The Ginkgo biloba in super blueberry increases blood circulation; the eyebright helps in eye inflammation; the soybean provides gamma fatty acid 6 or linoleic acid; lamprey with vitamin A which helps in clear vision. Super berry has acer nikoense, an ancient traditional Japanese remedy for eye disorders.Now, take a break and take your super blackberry. You won’t go wrong!

Contents (per 2 capsules)

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