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Oncology AC500 for Pet

Oncology AC500

Contains 15 x 500 mg capsule S$60.00
Ingredients: Antrodia camphorata 500mg/capsule

If your pet is terminally sick, don't give up! Try Oncology AC500, it could be the solution and give it a new lease of life! We gave it to a sick stray dog, after few days, he is alive and running around.


Pet Conditions


Acute 2 capsule / 5 kg weight daily
Symptomic 1 capsule / 5 kg weight daily
Maintenance 1 capsule / 5 kg weight alternate day

Antrodia Camphorata

Antrodia camphorata also called “the king of LingZhi” is a rare fungus found growing naturally only in Taiwan, on the inner cavity of the endangered species of the tree trunk of the plant Camphorata Kanehirai.

A Rare Fungus: AC is highly priced for its effectiveness in treating the following ailments over centuries in Taiwan:

World’s most valuable medicinal fungus compared:

  Ganoderma Lucidium Lingzhi Antrodia Camphorata
Bio-Active Ingredients Ganoderma Lucidium Antrodia Camphorata
Bio Active Triterpenes 20-50 types >200 types
Triterpenes concentration 1 – 3 % 10-45 %
Anti-cancer Triterpenes NA 4%


Anti Tumor Properties

Inhition of Tumor Cell

Anti Toxic Liver Protection

Anti Toxic Liver Protection

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