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Oxy-Powder – It’s Not Rated the #1 Colon Cleanse For Nothing!

Oxy-Powder®. S$89.00

There is a slew of colon cleanse products out in the market and we’ve been trying many of these highly recommended products which are highly regarded as the top colon cleansers.  However, NOTHING CAN COMPARE to Oxy-Powder。 You’ve just got to try it ONCE, and you’ll believe in it FOREVER!   

Is Your Digestive System and Colon Working Perfectly?

The verdict is out.  Good digestive function and colon health is the pillar for great overall health and well-being.  In fact, findings reveal that about 80% of our immunity lies in the gut.

Why is that so?

Firstly, you are not what you eat, but what you absorb.  Given how tainted our food supplies are these days because of corporate greed, pollution, over-processing, addition of artificial substances, heat-treating, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, genetic modifications, over-farming etc., our foods are much less nutritious than that of food decades and centuries ago! 

This really means that the foods we are consuming today have less of what we need, and it causes us to absorb even less of these already “lessened” foods. 

Well, go against Mother Nature and how food was intended to be produced and consumed, and your body gets food that causes it to behave what nature didn’t intend for it to behave – it’s that simple!

The complex thing is – impaired digestive function and colon health can manifest in the form of yeast infections, skin allergies, acne, IBS, loose stools, constipation, fatigue, muscle aches, arthritis, poor sleep and concentration, hair loss and so much more!  You never know what the dominant ailment will be for you because everyone is different!

What we do know is that almost every dis-ease can be alleviated or overcome by beginning with a colon cleanse.  That is the basis, foundation, and pillar of any true detoxification or cleansing regime.  Any naturopathic doctor or nutritionist that gets you to do liver detoxes, fasting, or stick to certain diet plans without FIRST beginning with a thorough colon cleanse are missing out on something extremely crucial!

Health AND Death Begins in the Colon Indeed – It’s All Up to You!

Virtually all disease has its primary root cause from toxins entering the body through their intestines! 

Embrace this fact and you will learn a secret to health that many have neglected (or chosen to suppress and withhold from mainstream teachings).

Apart from a small amount of toxins entering through our skin and lungs via direct contact or respiration, all other toxins come from our intestines, get dumped into the liver, overworking it in the process, and then make their way into the bloodstream – causing blood toxaemia or congestive toxicosis. 

This is where the toxins have a possibility of being transported to any cell in the human body – causing dis-ease!

And these days, more than sufficient studies and common sense tells you that there is far greater toxin exposure these days as when compared to 100 years ago. 

Our air is toxic; our water is toxic; our food is toxic; our external and living environments are toxic; our thoughts and emotions are toxic; our lifestyles are toxic – and we haven’t talked about cigarettes, drugs (pharmaceutical), alcohol, coffee, milk, sugar, micro-waved foods, artificial sweeteners and flavourings, processed foods etc.

I doubt cavemen had pot bellies, acne, hip fractures, constipation, fibromyalgia or eczema to worry about.  And people were meant to look tired in the morning and doze off after lunch. Our living and external environment has changed - and our internal environment is being hit real bad!

Here’s some news for you – we can clean up the internal environment and feel great again!

Clean the Colon – Clean the Body

Whatever we ingest passes through the intestines.  Over time, considering the common foods that we consume, compacted faecal matter do collect on the intestinal walls, eventually forming hardened “crusts” which are a fantastic breeding ground for bacteria, parasites, yeasts, viruses etc. 

Now it’s becoming more obvious why people have persistent fungal rashes, yeast infections or Candida, acne, and all sorts of allergies – they all emanate from the fact that we have an overgrowth of bacteria, parasites, yeasts etc. from our gut. 

These pathogens constantly produce toxic by-products which enter our bloodstream.

Take a look at some of the following foods and beverages that we normally consume:


  • Packaged foods e.g. potato chips, nachos, biscuits, cookies
  • Pastries e.g. breads, puffs, cakes, desserts
  • Dairy e.g. milk, ice cream, chocolate bars, cheese
  • Instant foods e.g. instant noodles, micro-waved foods
  • Meats that are overcooked and farmed through harsh methods i.e. antibiotics, hormones, overcrowding, grain-fed VS grass-fed for beef
  • Processed grains and flours e.g. wheat (all the bready stuff like pizzas), noodles, pasta
  • Sugar e.g. doughnuts, ice cream, candy, sweets, coke
  • Artificial or GM sweeteners e.g. high fructose corn syrup, aspartame
  • Processed meats e.g. sausages, bacon, ham, smoked items
  • Seafood from heavily polluted sources i.e. high heavy metal content

Apart from all these, we haven’t thrown in other toxins that we ingest through other means e.g. breathing, free radical production from heavy metals, emotional toxins, medical drugs; and also the lifestyles and ways we eat e.g. poor sleeping habits, rarely chew foods.

So, whilst cleansing the liver and other organs are important, they only need to be done once in a while.  However, colon cleansing has to be done regularly if you haven’t been eating right, continue not eating right, and haven’t done a gut structural restoration i.e. for sagging colon, and gut repair. 

I’ll explain gut repair in a bit.

Why You Should NOT Take Herbal Colon Cleansers

We’ve tried many top brands in the market which had received stellar feedback and are used in many clinics.  Many of these have 3 to even 7 step systems with day and night formulas, fiber blends, teas etc.

Many of them worked well in fact!  They sure did help move bowels more regularly and comfortably, improve the stool volume and condition, and reduce transit time – which is the time taken for food to travel through the digestive tract and get eliminated.
However, for many people, the moment they stop these products, their problems come back real fast.  What’s worse to note is that, although they do eliminate more regularly and all, some of their symptoms e.g. skin problems, hardly diminish at all. 

The biggest drawback for the modern individual living in a fast-paced society is doing cleanses for 2 to 4 weeks, mixing yucky fiber drinks, remembering to steep their teas while in office or before they hit the beds.

Unconvinced, we continued ingredient research and found that many products come with bulking agents like Psyllium, which has caused many allergic reactions, and has also resulted in worser chokage in some chronic constipation cases.  So, while you might eliminate more “bulk”, the areas which are choked have now become even more choked with the psyllium!

Ingredients like Senna or Cascara Sagrada are classified under spasm laxatives and have also shown to cause their fair share of problems, damaging gut integrity and the mucosal lining – which is so important for digestive health!  You can also expect gas-related pain and dehydration, and eventually, loss of bowel muscle and tone aka “Lazy Bowel Syndrome”, which results in chronic constipation.

The only reason why companies use these ingredients is because they are cheap and do the job of pushing stuff out.  And, the more you take these products, the more you need them – which is great business isn’t it?

But they are not in the interests of our digestive health.  Most of our digestive tracts have undergone some harsh treatment over the years, and gut repair through diet and supplementation e.g. Probiotics for internal flora, Betaine HCL for replenishing digestive HCL, Glutamine for gut lining and intestinal mucus, must be done AFTER a thorough cleanse.  These herbal colon cleansers have the potential of damaging our guts further!  Repair?  What repair?!

Why Detoxfy Flush is the #1

Hollywood stars and models love Oxy-Powder® because it is easy to use, fast, and darn effective!  It helps give radiant skin and a flatter tummy because everything has been cleaned out!

Oxy-Powder&reg was featured in many top magazines, and was also included in a gift pack at the MTV Movie Awards in 2008.

But that’s not what we are interested about actually.

What we want to know is if Oxy-Powder® is indeed the answer for colon cleansing and optimal digestive health!

Well, it certainly is!

Here are some reasons why Oxy-Powder® is the undisputed colon cleanser:

  1. Uses only oxygen, nature’s best cleanser and most life-enhancing element for healthy cellular function
  2. Has the highest electromotive force of 2.4 (others are 1.23 or below).  Electromotive force measures the speed and aggression of the oxygen release and thus the cleansing capabilities.
  3. Liquefies and sublimates all your fecal matter, thus flushing everything out thoroughly
  4. Cleanses the SMALL intestines AND the colon which is as thorough as it gets
  5. Oxygen helps to kill anaerobic organisms i.e. bacteria, mold, fungi, yeasts, parasites
  6. Oxygen doesn’t kill the friendly bacteria as they can survive in oxygen-rich environments
  7. Is simple to use – only pop capsules 
  8. Shown through titration tests to release oxygen over 18 hours!
  9. Stimulates lymphocytes to produce T-cells, strengthening immune response
  10. Uses highly sophisticated technology and methods to stabilize monatomic oxygen in huge quantities (a feat no other oxygen based colon cleansers can come close to matching!)
  11. Uses a natural and gradual destabilize in the form of natural citric acid to work wonders
  12. Safety and efficacy backed by independent clinical studies
  13. Does NOT contain any synthetic substances, fillers, excipients or flow agents.  Only organic acacia gum and kosher certified glycerin is used. You NEED to understand how important this is in analsying the products that you are consuming.

How Can Cleansing With Oxy-Powder® Help Me?

Also, everyone will definitely benefit from a colon cleanse.  It’s a great start to a detoxification, weight loss, fitness and dietary regime simply because it “reboots” your digestive system so that you can absorb whatever you consume optimally.

Colon cleansing has shown to contribute to an improvement to, alleviate or overcome a number of ailments, complaints, and diseases, including the following:

  • Constipation
  • IBS
  • Diverticular disease
  • Celiac disease
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Colon polyps
  • Colon cancer
  • Pain and inflammatory conditions e.g. arthritis, fibromyalgia
  • Acne
  • Allergies e.g. eczema
  • Head fog or inability to concentrate
  • Chronic candida, yeast, fungal, parasitic infections
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Morning and afternoon sickness
  • Lowered immunity
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Diarrhoea

Start experiencing the lightness and mental clarity of a clean colon today!

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