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Oligo Fucoidan

Oligo Fucoidan

Hi-Q Oligo Fucoidan

Contents : Oligo Fucoidan, 550mg*60 capsules / Box

After five years of cooperative research and development, Hi-Q Marine Biotech together with the Fisheries Research Institute (FRI), have developed this product.

This Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan showed a 40% higher functional effects and bioactivity when compared to those fucoidans in large molecular structure.

This product is also completely free of heavy metal residues, the same can't be said for other imports. 

  • Product Name:Oligo Fucoidan
  • Product Types:Natural Brown Seaweed Powder  (Food Product)
  • Ingredients:Natural seaweed,(Fucose), brown seaweed extract Fucoidan
  • Package Contents : 550mg / (per capsule), 60 capsule (per box),
  • Serving suggestion: 8 capsule a day, best before meal with water
  • Suitable for: Suitable for all as food consumption
  • Net content: 33 grams (g)
  • Production Date:  Marked on the bottom of the box   (Year / Month / Day)
  • Shelf Life : mark at the bottom of the box(Year / Month / Day)
  • Retention period: At room temperature for two years & six months (unopened only)
  • Storage : Avoid direct sunlight in a dry cool place
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

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