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Large 4-Spiral Room Harmoniser

These room harmonisers (approx. 8cm x 6cm – 3.4″ x 2.6) are too big to be worn as pendants and should be suspended in front of windows. They offer protection from electromagnetic and geopathic stress. Place them along the side of your house, which is facing sources of electromagnetic pollutions such as mobile phone masts, power lines, transformers, etc.

Electromagnetic Pollution

Mankind has evolved over millions of years surrounded by the natural electromagnetic radiation from the sun and the magnetic and electric fields of the earth. Part of the natural electric field of the earth are the so called Schumann Waves. These are very long waves of extremely low frequency, which are present everywhere in the atmosphere on this planet. The Schumann Waves have been identified as part of the natural electromagnetic radiation, which is particularly important for life on this planet. The human brain actually resonates with these atmospheric waves.

The American National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have studied these Schumann waves extensively and have recognised the importance of these waves for human health. Space shuttles, leaving our atmosphere, are equipped with artificial Schumann wave generators to simulate the natural electromagnetic environment of the earth.

Since man´s artificial electrification of our planet, our atmosphere is not only filled with the natural necessary radiation, but also with unnatural radiation, which has to be considered as electromagnetic pollution. This electromagnetic pollution from the communications and broadcasting network, the power lines and all electrical appliances interferes with the natural radiation and causes within humans and other living organisms a state of electromagnetic stress.

Everybody has experienced stress in their lives with well known symptoms of headaches, sleeplessness, bad moods, etc. The fact is that these symptoms of stress are general response signals of the body, which can have a multitude of causes. Electromagnetic pollution can certainly be one of these causes.

When people use mobile phones, they expose themselves to high levels of particularly aggressive types of electromagnetic pollution. This strains the body and the body is likely to respond with the well known stress symptoms such as headaches, etc. Mobile phone radiation strains the body by interfering with the natural electromagnetic operating system of the body. The list of potential damaging effects is growing steadily as international research progresses. Damage can occur even when stress symptoms have not yet been experienced. Because the symptoms are non-specific their cause is easily misinterpreted.


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