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Are You Cooking Your Food To Dead?

So, you have done your marketing, picking and choosing the best and the freshest ingredients can have in the market. However, have you ever wondered the cooking method you have been using might have killed your food and the nutrients in it and even worse turned the supposed nutritious food into wastes that are full of unwanted toxic substances?

Heating Above 120 Degrees Celsius Turns Starchy Foods Into Cancer-Causing Substances

According to the well-researched and well documented studies, overcooking could turn starchy foods into cancer-causing substances. Starchy foods like root vegetables: potato, beets, carrots and sweet potato, grains like wheat and rice, corn, peas, beans, etc. once cooked in temperature above 120 degrees  Celsius  (frying, baking, roasting) would start to build up high levels of “acrylamide” -- a cancer-causing poison!

Heating Meat Above 180 Degrees Celsius Produces Toxic Carcinogenic Chemicals

Meats cooked above 180°C would produce “heterocyclic amines” – a class of related toxic carcinogenic chemicals. Research conducted by the U.S. National Cancer Institute, and by the Japanese and European medical research scientists, has shown that there are 17 different heterocyclic amines (HCAs) resulting from the high temperature cooking of muscle meats that pose the risk of various human cancers, including stomach, colorectal, pancreatic and breast cancers.


For Your Health, Practise Low Temperature Cooking

Therefore, the cooking method does have a very important impact on the health of you and your family. With proper cookware, you can cook at a much lower temperature, almost oil-less and water-less to retain most of the nutrients in the food and yet the foods are delicious! Western nutritional studies show that with the proper cooking, we can retain up to 93% of the nutrients on average:


For the health of whole family, it is your responsibility to cook the foods in a way to support their health but not destroy it! Take action now to learn the right way of cooking to protect the health of your loved ones and yourself, by registering for our FREE healthy cooking class…Please call: Nutrimax Wellness @ 62922991 to reserve your seat now…


We’re using the non-reactive 316 Ti Titanium Surgical Stainless Steel Saladmaster cookware for the demonstration.


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