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Raw Potato Juice

(The following article was originally written in Japanese. Its translation is presented here without editing. It's well known in TCM that raw potato juice together with its skin can have efficacious healing effects but organic potatoes are preferable to avoid harmful man-made chemicals)

“There have been a number of cancer patients who have undergone this type of treatment this year, while several have gradually recovered, to the extent that when some are saved from the brink of death, they have called to inform of their eternal joy.”

Buddhist monk Master Tomizawa, who advocates fresh potato juice treatment, has received overwhelming response in letters from cancer sufferers from all over Japan, therefore this edition will again publish clinical cases of fresh potato juice treatment.

Mash fresh potatoes to pulp and continuously every day drink one to two glasses of potato juice derived from this pulp. This will mainly cure cancer, but recovery cases from liver disease, diabetes, gastric ulcer, kidney disease, heart disease, hypertension, lumbago and sore shoulders etc have also been reported.

For example, Mr T had a tumor growth under his ear which was diagnosed to be malignant and which had also been operated on before. He later received radiotherapy, but up to last year, his cancer cells had spread to his lungs. He was diagnosed to have lung cancer at a cancer specialist hospital, and proclaimed beyond cure. Thereafter he started actively participating in fresh potato juice treatment. At present, the spread of his cancer cells is under control and his physical strength has improved, and should be able to return to work.

No after-efffects: can be implemented immediately.

In Scholor Tomizawa's book “The Way to Healthy Life: Cancer not to be Feared”, he wrote, “even though a patient might be undergoing operation on cancer, because of his fear cancer cells will spread or all its affected parts not cleared, he will continuously use anti-cancer drugs or undergo radiotherapy. However, it is seldom heard of that cancer is thus cured. Moreover, the risk of side effect from such treatment remains high. As a result, the patient loses his appetite and his body rapidly becomes weaker. On the contrary, treatment using fresh potato juice has no danger of any side effects at all and it enables the patient to restore his physical strength, as well as enhance his natural rehabilitative power. Potato is a kind of food with high nutritive value, if continuously consumed over a long period, it has a miraculous power that could suppress the growth of cancer cells.”

There is no risk at all in using Fresh Potato Juice Treatment. Anyone could start it immediately and within a very short period, one could really feel the effect. Anyone with soreness in his body could gradually reduce the aching feeling after one has taken the juice for one to two weeks. Even for those who had no soreness, their appetite would improve, skin appearance turned redder and their physical strength is expected to recover gradually after they had continuously taken the juice for even a short period.

A True Magic Wand For Instant Revival

However, Scholar Tomizawa warned those patients not to view Fresh Potato Juice as a drug. He said, “even though one only takes the juice and still not try to change the old habit of voluptuous life, then it can said that he is viewing potato as a medicine available in a medicine bottle. He seems to treat himself as a patient but without self-constraint and life-preservation. He takes medicine just for curing his disease in a light manner. When a human being is ailing, there is always a causative factor, for example voracious eating and drinking, yearning for delicious foods and non-controlled sleepless nights. Such living styples are major causes of sicknesses. As such, the responsibility of treating sickness would naturally have to be shouldered by himself. If one has brought his life to such a critical situation and yet still not prepared to change his living habits and intends to use Fresh Potato Juice just to cure once and for all his sickness, it is indeed a great mistake!”

Life accumulates disease little by little from one’s past to the present. Therefore if one intends to completely cure one's disease, one has to make a 180 degree turnabout, ie, undergo an enormous change from one's past lifestyle. The Fresh Potato Juice will then become the fairy wand that could truly revive one's life.

How To Prepare Raw Potato Juice

The following is the method for preparing fresh potato juice (preferably from organic potatoes). For the first preparation of potatoes, there should be 2 to 3 large potatoes and 3 to 4 small ones.

First of all, brush the potatoes in water, make them clean and dry, then remove all the sprouts on them. Scrape whole potatoes with skins on into crumbled particles on a vegetable scraper-board. Place the crumbs into a cloth or jute rice bag with rather large mesh. Then squeeze hard to get the juice. One squeeze might yield one cup of juice (180 to 200cc).

Take the juice about 30-60 minutes before breakfast every day, i.e. drink it with an empty stomach. If possible, take one cupful of the juice before dinner. According to Scholar Tomizawa, one should drink the juice immediately after it is squeezed out and it is important to continue drinking every day.

For those who are weak and cannot drink one cupful at a time, drink with several intervals. For those who dislike drinking raw juice, about 30cc of some kind of fruit juice can be mixed together to make a drinking easier.

The Treatment Has Prevailed In Germany Since Ancient Times

According to Doctor Kinoshita who was very familiar with Chinese medicinal dietotherapy, he said, “Potato was called the ‘apple of the great earth’ in Europe, which showed it was a food with very rich nutrition especially in vitamin C and calcium. In Germany, people used to drink potato-scraped juice for treating gastric ulcer and constipation since olden times.”

Besides, potato has the effect of suppressing cancer growth. This was gradually proven by scientific experiments. Professor Kagamin from the Hygiene study in the Akita University Medical Department, successfully extracted a suppressive material, a pro-variation substance from potatoes. The significant effect of such material was affirmed through experiments conducted on mice. The research result was published last year in Germany where an International Cancer Society Conference was held.

The Fresh Potato Juice could not only treat cancer but also cure many people who suffer from hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes and kidney disease. For those who are suffering from chronic diseases, please try this treatment.

Okada Akira, Medical Analyst

Fresh Potato Juice Is Effective Against Liver Disease, Pollenic Sickness and
Wet Measles

GPT approaching normal value

Three years ago, I suffered from hepatitis. Hospital examinations confirmed that it was caused by virus and developed into hepatitis C.

There was no specifically effective drug for the disease except that one must calmly take in sufficient nutrition and place emphasis on life preservative measures. I continued taking Chinese herbal medicine since the physician asked me to do so but my GPT (a type of kidney profile examination where normal value should read 5 - 35) always fluctuated between 80-60 which showed the hepatitis being chronic.

In December last year, I had my kidneys undergo a supersonic test; I drank internal-figuring test fluid and later it was found there were certain shadows in my oesophagus after taking X-ray on the oesophagus and stomach. Later in January this year, I had an examination using the internal-visual scanner and it was found there was swelling in my oesophagus, mainly due to slight increase in my body weight.

The medical office told me that with the deterioration of the liver, it was very likely that growth of vein tumour in the oesophagus or gastro-intestine could be induced.

I was feeling very uneasy because quite a number of my family members, including my father, uncle and aunt, and even my elder sister, had died of cancer.

My mood became very low thinking of these events. It was then I happened to read a health magazine entitled: Fresh Potato Juice--Effective Against Cancer ". I bought the magazine at once and finished reading it without pausing. When I read its articles written by those who experienced the situation, I was deeply moved to tears and began to realize that I might also be saved.

I immediately tried taking fresh potato juice without any doubt after reading these articles.

Every morning, I got hold of three medium-size potatoes, washed them with water and without skinning them but removing the sprouts. Then I greated them on a vegetable scraper-board and collecgted all the crumbs into a cotton-knitted towel, squeezed them into juice. Every morning, I drank about one cupful (about 200cc). in my case, I added 1/3 of an apple and some honey in the juice to make it easier to drink. As I considered it “water of life”, I finished drinking it in one breath.

Later, when I had my blood test in February, I was surprised to find out that my GPT value had fallen to 45. The doctor said, “the antivirus body insider is rather stablilized, therefore, subsequent tests could be made once every two months.” In April, my GPT value was 31, almost reaching the norm value of 35.

Since I drank fresh potato juice, not only did the condition of the chronic hepatitis improve, two aspects of interest to me also emerged.

Firstly, though I had been troubled by pollenic disease, no such symptoms appeared again since Spring this year. This made my life more pleasant. Secondly, I had always been intolerable to cold wind which caused the skin of my hands and legs to redden with rashes (known as cold or wet measles) and itch frantically. When this happened, I had to bandage the affected parts. I did not suffer from any of these this year.

There two aspects must be the blessing of the fresh potato juice. I assumed perhaps my body has started to experience a change.

Every time I thought of the conditions of my present life, I felt safe and cheerful. I felt extremely thankful to Mr Tomizawa and those who worked under the editorial board of the health magazine.

Mdm Sugo, housewife, 68 years old

What The Experts Say:

Fresh potato juice can enhance one’s natural recuperative power

Once chronic hepatitis worsens, there is a possibility that hardening of the liver or liver cancer would occur. The growth of vein cancer at the oesophagus is mainly caused by the hardening of the liver.

Madam Sugo found out that her liver test value had gone down after she had taken fresh potato juice. That was a very good news for her. However, she was also worried that her liver would harden, so it would be best for her to continue observation for a period of time.

Even pollenic sickness and cold/wet measles were cured. It was indeed very encouraging. Chinese herbal medicines also yielded regular favourable by-effects. Assuming what Madam Sugo said was true, improvement of body conditions probably showed that the recuperative power was enhanced.

Dr Kinoshita, Tetsubozu Clinic

Serious Hepatitis is fast eradicated after drinking fresh potato juice. My son-in-law's serious constipation was also cured

I was bed-ridden because of illness when I was 52 years old. One day, when I was working in the office, I vomited twice and each time there was blood. When I returned home half-way, I vomited again with a lot of blood, then immediately I got myself admitted into a hospital.

In hospital, one should remain absolutely calm and quiet but I found myself so weak that even changing clothes seemed to be strained due to lack of strength. Two days later, I vomited a lot of blood again, this happening constantly afterwards to a point where my condition became critical. I was given a tube to swallow. I was unable to speak an was in extreme pain.

About ten days later, the tube was finally removed and I was sent back to the surgical room. I again vomited blood when the operation was about to start. Yellow spots emerged from my skin, and my condition once again became critical. The sickness is known as "Eruptive Hardening of the Liver/Breakage of Vein Tumor at the Oesophagus". It it caused by the hardening of the liver, and is an acute sickness which seems incurable.

At last, an operation by inserting a tube into the right side of the stomach for stopping bleeding was completed. My neck, face and even my hands and legs became swollen. Blood accumulated in the stomach turned into black faeces which were mostly discharged. This bleeding was stopped.

After staying 11 months in the hospital, I returned home for a tranquil recovery for a period of 10 months. Later, I was admitted again for operation and stayed at the hospital for another 3 months before discharge. My body conditions were not stabilized yet, I was unable to work and felt sleepy the whole day.

I tried varius treatments and took health foods, but the liver was too deficient to render any results whatsoever. Upon a rare chance, I heard some news regarding an introduction by Mr Tomizawa who advocated Fresh Potato Juice treatment said to be effective against cancerous diseases. Consequently, I tried the method without delay.

My method was besides taking potato juice, I took vegetable and fruit juices. I also used a manual juice machine to prepare my drinks. The machine was one that was revolving slowly for squashing vegetables and fruits. Using vegetable scraper-board would perhaps be the most suitable tool for producing potato juice. My ways of handling were as follows:

Since it was best to drink in morning when the stomach was empty, I started to prepare fesh potato juice every morning at about 6 am. I used 3 medium-sized potatoes, one to two carrots, 1/3 of a lemon and part of an apple, some leafy vegetable or Taraxacum Mongolicum or Artemisia argy, and produce fesh juice with the manual type machine.

The liquid obtained from the above ingredients makes about 2 cups (about 400 cc). one cup for me and another for my son-in-law or my daughter. Breakfast was only taken one hour after drinking the juice.

As a start, I did not mind the psychological effect of being constantly under medication. People like me, who suffer severely from liver disease on the brink of hopelessness, would prefer to make a special effort to drink the juice continuously. About a month or two later, my body started recovering physical strength, and I could already cook meals and wash clothes.

At present, I am like a healthy person. I am alert, and capable of doing domestic work, I could also occasionally travel overseas for touring. I still visited the hospital regularly for check-up once every month, and the doctor was surprised at finding my recovery being so fast.

My son-in-law who drank the potato juice together with me, had at one time suffered from constipation. When it became serious, he could not pass motion easily for a stretch of one week, but now he passed motion every day. This rendered him to be spiritually and psychologically delightful.

I really felt very thankful and every day I pass my time with a heart of thanksgiving.

Takayama Takao, housewife, 59 years old

What the experts say:

It is astonishing to learn that such serious case of liver hardening could be cured. It was indeed too good to be true! My astonishment was that by drinking fresh potato juice with carrot, apple and lemon, the liver hardening can gradually heal and physical strength can be recovered.

Furthermore, this kind of benefit could also be extended to members of the family, that is most splendid!

The true experience of Madam Takayama Takao narrated above will give great encouragement to those who suffer from the same sickness. It is a most valuable lesson. After reading this sorry, my confidence was greatly enhanced.

It would truly be magnificent if modern medical science could incorporate this treatment without bias. Let us pray: Madam Takayama Takao and all other patients will stay healthy and live a long life.

Doctor Kinoshita, Tetsubozu Clinic

Fresh Potato Juice Increases Appetite, Also Cures Pancreas Trouble

Due to my business, I have developed a strong drinking habit, especially for beer. About seven or eight years ago, my pancreas began to deteriorate. There was intense pain inside my left navel, areas around it were also mildly painful. I lost appetite, and so my body gradually became thin.

At first, I did not know what caused it, so I went around looking for treatment. Finally, I was diagnosed with pancreatic inflammation. I wad admitted to a hospital and was cured of my ailment. However, soon after my discharge from the hospital, the trouble came again. I wondered why my fate must bring such discomfort to me. My whole body was in pain again.

My pancreas trouble gradually became chronic. I always suffered most when there was a seasonal change. I was again admitted to the hospital, but this time there was no specific improvement.

This time, my blood pressure rose; its high side climbing to 200mm. The doctor's diagnosis was that my self-regulation in the neural system might be functioning abnormally. He gave me drugs to bring down the pressure.

Just when I was suffering pain all over my body, I heard a friend saying that after having taken fresh potato juice, some patients who already received operations on stomach cancer recovered. I was invited by my friend to meet Mr Tomizawa. I then followed the advice of Mr Tomizawa and started drinking fresh potato juice.

At first, I regained my appetite after drinking the juice. I could now take in normal foods and drinks. Furthermore, my motions improved. Since then, I continued drinking the juice for three years and as a result the awful symptom of pains in my stomach and back disappeared. I assumed my pancreas trouble was probably fully cured.

My blood pressure also went down, the high side stabilized at about 140mm. Before this, I had taken all sorts of drugs, whereas at present, I only take Chinese medicine and almost no drugs for pancreas trouble or hypertension.

Besides drinking fresh potato juice, I also took some apple. I made use of 3 potatoes and half of an apple. After washing (sprouts on the potatoes were removed), I grated these on the vegetable scraper-board. Using a towel, I then squeezed the crumbs into juice which came up to about one cup (about 200cc). I had to drink it in the morning and if I was free I might drink another cupful in the evening.

Recently, my physical condition is very good, and I started to joy every morning. I now truly realize the importance of keeping healthy.

Sano Masaji, Restaurant Operator, 59 years old

What the experts say:

To diagnose pancreas trouble is extremely difficult as it is an ailment which lacks specific curing methods. Perhaps its acute symptom can be stabilized, but this ailment might probably recur, considering the results of past treatments were mostly fruitless.

Appetite was regained after the pancreas trouble was cured and the awful symptom of intense pain also vanished. It is therefore worth serious attention for effective treatment against pancreas trouble by taking fresh potato juice.

Furthermore, the utmost realization of the importance of health by Madam Sano Masaji could be considered to be her greatest gain. I hope her cheerful mood could be shared by people around her.

Dr Kinoshita, Tetsubozu Clinic

By Drinking Fresh Potato Juice, Urinary Protein Vanishes Totally

Five years ago, I suffered from intense pain in my waist and I could hardly stand erect. The cause might be that during wartime my whole family had to emigrate to Manchuria, and during the conscription period I had to stay longer in Siberia which induced serious eruptions of waist pain. Upon returning to Japan no relapse occurred, but now due to old age, the possibility of experiencing such trouble sustained during my youth increases.

At the hospital clinic, I was told my ailment was already incurable! After admission, I was given injections every day. There were more than 50 injections administered within three months.

Before this, a doctor told me that over-intensive drug injection might damage the kidneys. I was very upset, but I realized earlier on that once a urine test was made, urinary protein would be sighted.

True to my worry, it was later found that my kidney trouble had worsened because of drugs. I had to stay in the surgical ward, but meanwhile I was given medicinal treatment.

At this moment, my kidney trouble had worsened close to the situation of having to undergo manual dialysis therapy which utilises a equipment that provides alternative kidney function.

Soon after, I was discharged from the hospital, but every week I had to return for a test and obtain medicine. Likewise, I spent unceasingly a period of four years during which the urinary protein had been regularly discharged.

Just when I was worrying over my incurable illness, I remembered six months ago a friend recommended through his own experience for me to drink fresh potato juice. He had suffered from serious illness, hepatitis, and his ailment had developed to a stage of complete ineffectiveness to all drugs. Ever since he started drinking fresh potato juice, his body recovered miraculously.

At that time, I adopted a careful approach to the subject of fresh potato juice treatment. I only drank two to three times a week.

My friend encouraged me, telling me that my lack of patience will not cure my ailment. Starting from September, I started drinking everyday non-stop. I did not want to trouble my wife to prepare fresh potato juice for me, so I did everything myself, and patiently and continuously drank the juice.

For my preparation, I used a large size potato, washed it thoroughly and removed its sprouts, and then grated it on a vegetable scraper-board. The crumbs were packed into a towel and squeezed into juice. About half a cupful of fresh juice (100cc) could be obtained. I consumed the juice everyday before breakfast. I was told that a little honey could be added but I added nothing.

After completing about a three month course, which was in late November, I returned to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor there nodded his head with surprise. I thought my ailment might have become worse and that perhaps I had to undergo the manual dialysis therapy. However, when I inquired carefully from the doctor, I learned there was no more urinary protein.

I was certainly very excited. This must be a good proof showing the effective result of fresh potato juice treatment.

Six months later, there was still no discharge of urinary protein. I went back for routine check-up once a month instead of once a week. Now the doctor advised me to come for a check-up only once every two months.

Furthermore, the pains in my waist and knees vanished without my realizing. Previously, I used to take electric heat treatment in the bone orthopaedic ward once a week, but now all this seem unnecessary.

Starting December, there will be a competition held on my favorite game, polo, and I hope to become a member and participate actively in the competition.

For such an effective treatment, I wondered with some regret why I had not started drinking fresh potato juice earlier when my friend had introduced it to me.

Tanabe Shinji, Former Coat Manufacturer, 76 years old

What the experts say:

Fresh potato juice can increase strength of the whole body

Mr Tanabe shinji had undergone hardship when he was young in Siberia, and now due to aging, his waist started aching. However, after taking fresh potato juice, conditions of his kidney and waist aching improved. This is excellent.

The Japanese medical study indicated that potato has the capacity of “enriching the aura” which in turn increases the body aura for maintaining healthy functions. This is because of this function that yields results. With such help, Mr Tanabe Shinji’s physical strength was enhanced and his kidneys also functioned better.

Other than this, pains in his waist and knees also subsided. Please continue drinking fresh potato juice regularly to further enhance your health.

Dr Yamanouchi, PhD

Drinking Fresh Potato Juice to Eradicate Pains in the Chest without Taking Medicine. Intermissive pains in the chest vanished

A neighbor of mine read the report on fresh potato juice and had tried it out. Subsequently his blood pressure went down. I had also wanted to try. His age at that time was 70 years plus, and he did not look healthy. He seldom went out of the house except when going to the hospital. His blood pressure was 180mm. however, after drinking fresh potato juice, his blood pressure went down to 170mm then to 160mm and gradually descending even further. At present, his body condition had also gradually improved.

I also wanted to have a trial when I miraculously wondered about my neighbour’s experience.

In fact, during a weekend last year, I found that my body quivered and I could not utter even a sound then. I was sent to the hospital in an ambulance. My blood pressure was 200mm~120mm. The hospital staff gave me injections to bring down the pressure, as well as drugs to stabilize the condition of anginal petoris. It was precisely the high blood pressure and difficulty in blood circulation that increased the heart burden, thus resulting in the emergence of the anginal pectoris.

When I was discharged from the hospital, my pressure on the high side dropped to 130-140mm. as I was often affected by anginal pectoris, I experienced intermissive chest pains everyday. Each time, I ignore the pains if they were bearable, otherwise I had to resort to nitro-glycerin for help.

Other than this, my shoulders turned stiffer. When I was young, I knew little of the meaning of soreness in the shoulders, but now as I become old, I could feel them becoming stiffer and stiffer. They became worse when I fell sick lying in bed.

When the wind blew, I had to pull down the window screen immediately. My shoulders would start aching again after reading newspapers for two hours or more. If I did some tailoring work or hand-knitting, the aching intensified. By then, I could only paste a piece of wet cloth on my shoulders.

However, due to my skin condition, I felt very itchy when I had to use the wet cloth, and had to remove it after one to two hours. Nevertheless, my itchy skin turned red, this was very unbearable.

I only wished that I could be cured completely from these ailments, so I immediately tried drinking fresh potato juice.

For my preparation, I used half a potato, removed its sprouts and carefully washed it with a brush, and then grated it together with its skin on a vegetable scraper-board. The crumbs were then placed in a piece of cotton cloth and the juice was squeezed out. I drank one cup early in the morning after washing my face. Changes took place after I started drinking fresh potato juice for one month. The anginal pectoris was no longer active, and pains in my chest vanished. There was no need to take any more nitro-glycerin. Stiffness and aching in my shoulders also disappeared. Occasionally, there was some stiffness, but I have no need to paste wet cloth anymore. It was the blessing of fresh potato juice that my skin no longer turned red, swollen and itchy.

My neighbour also gradually regained his health as he had taken fresh potato juice. Recently, besides going to the hospital for my routine check-up, I occasionally bring my grandson out for a stroll. In addition, I also went abroad for a week-long tour, my face appearance looks much better.

What the Experts Say:

Potato contains abundant vitamins & minerals

Potato contains abundant vitamin C, B, iron, phosphorus and calcium. Once these vitamins and minerals are absorbed by the body, blood in the vessels will circulate smoothly, blood pressure will thus be stabilised by continuously drinking fresh potato juice.

The onset of anginal pectoris was caused by blood in the heart which had difficulty in circulation smoothly. Therefore, the heart will function normally if blood circulation is smooth and without blockage.

The soreness in the shoulders was most probably caused by high blood pressure or anginal pectoris. Once the patient's ailing conditions basically vanished, she no longer suffered from the persistent soreness.

Dr Yamanouchi, PhD

Regaining the ability to speak again after taking fresh potato juice. The feeling of feebleness and lethargy in the body vanished

In July last year, I had an opportunity to play golf, after which I enjoyed indulging in conversations over drinks, which led to my voice becoming hoarse, almost to the extent of being unable to utter a sound.

Sometime earlier, I had experienced some trouble in my throat, but I did not pay special attention to it.

However, I later found I was unable to utter a sound. As this would cause disruption in my work, I visited a nearby hospital. The staff said they were unable to treat me and recommended me to visit a major hospital. I went to the latter and had my throat checked, where some throat cells were taken for examination.

It was found there was a harmful tumour growing inside my throat, known as larynx cancer.

I had always thought that since no close relatives of mine ever suffered from cancer, I would definitely not be struck by it. So when I found out that I indeed had cancer, the mental setback I experienced was tremendous.

The treatment I received was radiotherapy. Starting from the Mooncake Festival, I was given treatment 5 times a week, until early October when the therapy ended.

It is said that tremendous side effect might occur after receiving such therapy. I was extremely tired in the evening and had more difficulty in my voice, so I felt extremely uneasy.

About two weeks after the completion of my treatment, I almost could not utter any sound. Every time I wanted to speak, I was completely voiceless. Perhaps this was the side effect of the radiotherapy.

Just at this time, I heard from a neighbour that cancer treatment by drinking fresh potato juice was effective. I decided to try it. With this in mind, I visited Mr Tomizawa, the advocate of fresh potato juice treatment.

Everyday, I drank one cup of fresh potato juice in the morning and another in the evening before my meals. I was always punctual and continued drinking it.

Two weeks later, I regained my voice. My body no longer felt feeble and lethargic.

Once again, it was the blessing of Fresh Potato Juice! The side effect of radiotherapy was finally conquered, enabling me to return to my workplace safely.

No more fatigue when playing golf

I always washed 5 to 6 small potatoes every time, removed the sprouts but not the skin and grated them on the vegetable scraper-board. I used a towel to squeeze the crumbs into juice. About 200cc of fresh potato juice could be obtained in this way. It would turn black if I did not drink it quickly. For taste, I mixed it with some fermented fruit juice.

Since then, I kept on drinking fresh potato juice. I tried to take more vegetables and staple food. The best being wheat or brown rice in my daily meals. Probably due to this change in diet, my bowels became smooth, and I started feeling cheerful.

Besides this, I feel vigour in my body as I become healthier with my new life style. Other than devoting myself fully to my family business, I also play golf once a week, without any sign of fatigue, and even completed one and a half round (27 holes).

Once every half-monthly, I go back to the hospital for a check-up on my throat, and now the doctor always says to me, "very clean!"

This particular experience was the best chance for me to change my lifestyle, urging me to pay closer attention to my health. I decided to continue drinking fresh potato juice and take heed of my health from today onwards.

Sano Masaji, self-employed, 53 years old

What the experts say:

Falling sick is not necessarily a bad experience. Take Mr Sano Masaji for example, who realized this when he fell ill, "This was the best opportunity to change my lifestyle, and begin to take heed of my health." This was one's most valuable experience. So long as you had such thinking, it would give you great vigour to cure illnesses.

The fast that after receiving more than 30 treatments with radiotherapy, the patient still could not regain his voice, and only did so after drinking fresh potato juice, is indeed miraculous.

In Chinese physician study, there are indications that potato has the capacity of “enriching the aura”, meaning it helps to increase one's physical strength.

Furthermore, potato contains abundant vitamin C, which can prevent the growth of cancer. When the potato juice is mixed with coarse rice, oats and vegetables, it is certain that this will improve bowel movements.

The essence of “changing disaster to welfare” should be upheld actively from now on.

Dr Kinoshita, Tetsubozu Clinic

Editor's Note: The remedy has been around for centuries and many TCM physicians know about it too. For a healthy person, a 120ml of raw potato juice would power up the energy level and it is also a natural remedy for acidosis and uric acid problem. It is a must try remedy for peptic ulcer, because based on experience, it heals!

My sincere thanks to Mr Andrew Merewether <ballhead@singnet.com.sg>to edit the above script.

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