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Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay

Detoxify your skin and body with this amazing ultra pure & natural Calcium Bentonite Clay...
Our bodies are under constant assault from countless toxins & man-made chemicals found everywhere and in everything these days. And a clean diet might help but can only do so much - especially when it comes to detoxifying.

Calcium Bentonite Clay is a rare form of naturally occurring volcanic ash with a negative electro-magnetic charge. It "vacuums up" and disposes of the positively charged toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, viruses, bad bacteria, molds, yeasts, infections, and poisons from our skin & body.

This bentonite clay was obtained from a pristine untouched underground desert source. This deposit of clay is so pure that can safely be ingested - which is extremely important for detoxing all of those chemicals we're exposed to.

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