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natural formula for child growth

Critical Period for Child Growth: from 10 – 12 years to 16-17 years

Critical Period for Child Growth: from 10 – 12 years to 16-17 years. Child growth accelerates in the first half of puberty, transforming the brain, bones, muscle, skin, breasts and reproductive organs; then slows down and stop at the completion of puberty.

Child growth and development closely link with genetic and acquired environmental factors.

Holistically, one should take care of body when young. This is especially so in today environment due to hectic and stressful lifestyle led by both children and parents.

Coupled with the excessive consumption of fast and junk food, inadequate sleep, too much computer gaming, and lack of exercise, nurturing our children with proper nutrients has become a challenge.

TCM theory believes that the spleen and the stomach have strong influence on the growth. They are considered to be the acquired (given by parents) foundation governing the growth and development of the body. The spleen governs movement and transporation of nutrients to all organs, while the stomach rules reception and absorption. by absorbing and moving of nutrients derived from ingested food, they produced JING (essence of life) and supply the body with the energy.

Bio G Capsule is formulated by a research team that has many years of clinical research and development experience in child development. The formulation is accomplished by using advanced scientific technique with TCM principle as the foundaiton. It is made of extracts from the finest Chinese herbs: Radix Angelicae Sinensis (??), Radix Panacis Quinquefolii (???), Semen Euryales (??), Radix Codonopsis (??), Radix Astragali (??), Poria (??), Semen Nelumbinis (??), Rhizoma Chuanxiong (??), Folium Notoginseng (???) etc. The formula helps to nourish and strengthen the spleen and stomach, thereby helping to improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients so as to supply the body with balanced nutrients to optimise physical growth and improve vigor.

Bio G is ideal for the child to improve his/her absorption of nutritions ingested, whereby their physical growth can be optimised.

1. Using the Nano Technology to improve its absorption.
2. Safe and effective, suitable for regular daily uses.

•Suitable for teenage boys and girls before and during puberty.
•Suitable for teenagrs with poor immune system, appetite or malabsorption.

Recommended Dosage and Administration
1. 2 capsules, 2-3 times per day or as as recommended by phsician before meal
2. Drink more water
3. Take before 8pm
4. Eat more green vegetables including root vegetables such as carrot, sweet potato, burdock, wild yam and fruits (such as kiwi fruit, tomato, berries) or drink fresh vegetable juices
5. Drink beverage made of whole grains and cereal powder to strengthen the spleen and stomach for optimal result

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