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NAS (Nutrients Abvsorption System): Direct entry to the cells.

From the moment you start drinking the FitSolution, the absorption process begins. From your mouth down to the stomach, whichever part of the body that comes into contact with the FitSolution will start the absorption. By the time the solution reaches the intestine, the remainder of the fibre, vitamins, enzymes and probiotics will be completely entered the body inner terrain.

ESA (Energy Slope Arrangement): Getting the nutrients to where it is needed most.

FitSolution is efficient because of the patented ESA technology. The R&D professor in Germany made it clear that the nutrients of the FitSolution will be delivered to the weakest part of the body. Upon closer examination of the molecular structure of FitSolution, we found an important molecular structure similar to angelica (a Chinese herb). Angelica is very often used as a lead for the medication in TCM, and in FitSolution, the angelica content will lead the nutrient cells to the weakest part of the body.

We understand that the weakest part of the body is often where the disease will strike first and so with the ESA, the nutrients are efficiently delivered to the area where it is needed most.

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