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NanoMojo - Adaptogens for Stress

Quicksilver Scientific Delivery  Systems™

NanoMojo NanoMojo Ingredients

Dr. Christopher Shade, Ph.D. of Quicksilver Scientific collaborated with master herbalist Dan
Moriarty of Sun Horse  Energy to create NanoMojo a groundbreaking functionalmedicine product.
By combining Moriarty's unique  adaptogenic formulation with Dr. Shade's state­ of-the-art liposomalencapsulation, they've overcome the  limitations of poor oral absorption and made the phytochemicals quickly available at the cellular level. This new innovative blend of adaptogens from around the world is maximized for effectiveness.

Adaptoens are non-toxic phytochemicals that help the  body achieve homeostatic balance under  adverse conditions that would typically be associated with sympathetic ("fight or flight") reactions. They help regulate natural harmony, adrenalbalance, and "stress accommodation" (resistance to stress). In fact, adaptogenic herbs have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for more  than 4,000 years and Chinese medicine for nearly 3,000 years to increase energy ("chi") and concentration.

Scientific literature reports that adaptogenic herbs  play significant roles in decreasing markers of stress-activated protein kinases,  cortisol, and nitric oxide. (1) These markers indicate a lowered levelof systemic stress and inflammation and decreased symptoms of an over­taxed adrenal system.

NanoMojo helps your body adapt to the  various conditions that cause stress, something most of us experience daily. This liposomalformulation is the culmination of more  than eight years of research
and development. Not only is it effective, but it tastes great!


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